The book of Gor or the deciphering of Torah


…The much time had passed from that period, and seemingly all world had been turned over. Those, which had been created by great and immortal gods was destroyed by hands of mortal men. The passing of time led the great civilization of ancient sages to the depression as a strong stream of water sweep of all things in its way.


All, what had been predetermined 5 thousand years ago occurred and all which had been written were accomplished accurately. Because the wisdom of great gods is wisdom of the universe's soul.


All, what were in the past, exist at present and will be in the future, were predetermined in those ancient time, when Noah constructed his own ship to gain immortality in the world ocean; when Abraham was preparing to go out from Harran, and Mose's mother made basket from reed to locate her child in it. Odissey similar to Yason had left to the far voyage. Namely in this time Zevs was preparing to the birth of Afina, which came out from his head in the completed type, and Prometey appealed to him with request: to let him to create the godman. Namely in that time, when the age of mankind reached more than half million years, the ruler of the world and all nature was born. All had begun namely from the moment of birth of creature, which contain of all reasons. Namely at this moment: appoximately 5500 years ago Jakov was born, taking by hand the heel of Isava, - those were the great time periods, and all were stemming from those similar to spring, breaking through solid soil, finding his own way and streaming to the surface.


What could say sage Noah, waking to the Earth after the long-time wandering in the light's ocean of Universe? Naturally, besides grievance and hunger no emotion could be arisen for him. His soul's humor could be characterized by ancient parable, according which rich and sage master planted the garden, similar to paradise, purchased the slaves and hired service man to serve the garden by the aim to feed them during his absence. He credited then his sole juvenile son and departed. His absence was long and what he found when he came back? The garden left without proper service grew sickly, filled by weeds, the majority of the trees were perished and slaves and servicemen being without master's control felt themselves as master of the house. Suggested, that master would not come back they agreed to kill his son, so that no one hinder them to be master in the another's home.


In such a manner the mortal men had answered by black ingratitude to the noble and generous act of open-hearted sage.


This books in dedicated to the coming back of Noah, which similar to Odyssey, Jason and other heroes of past millenniums, journeyed long time in the world ocean.


This book is dedicated to release of sinlessly martyred Prometey. This book is dedicated to Josef which saved his own family from inevitable death on the day of the trial.



All peoples of the world have kept the written and verbal memories on past: legends, epic stories, mythos, tales. The similarity of them leads to the thought about, that all these memories have the somewhat ancient, global development as a ground. Platon wrote on this case in «Politics»: «All these and, besides, thouthands of more interesting things - are results of the same case, but by the time passing more of them had been erased in the memory, and others scattered and the tales about each of them exists. But what was in the ground of all these - nobody told us about it» (269 C).


The world science accepted, that mankind is 500 thousand years old. Archeology proves, that during 490 thousand years from abovesaid half million years the science and medicine in the human society were in the initial stage. The living condition of human slightly differed from daily struggle for existence, which is existed in the animal's world. Archaeologist, investigating the ancient culture's stratums of Ierikhon in the region of Dead sea, proved that prehistoric human and human of ancient historical epochs-long before Abraham and Moses had died being young, rarely reaching the aged period of life (1).


But approximately 6 thousand years ago, the streamline development of society and sciences had began due to some reasons, the slave owner's society had occurred, all world began the development with fast steps. The immortal gods, athletes, sages and unknown mysterious images had occurred. And it is not accidentally, that «first human being» - Adam also was born namely at that time. And all mythes, legends, tales and other stories also were appeared in this period. This factor prompts that all abovesaid changes in the world are linked with mentioned global case and the ancient stories are only figurative description of this case. During the all time of mankind's existence only one development, Platon informed, honored to be glorified, was occurred. Having in mind namely this development, and referring to Solon: «our cities were exerted the great deals, deserving surprise, which then were forgotten due to time passing and death of men» («Temay» 21E). The appearance of all monotheistic religions of the world should be timed to this case. I could tell you about it, don't encumbering the description by facts know by little. But in this case readers will consider this book without trust. Because, I should decipher some texts of «Torah» and comments to it, give facts known to bible researchers and geologists, but unknown to the ordinary readers. I know, that how all these were happened, how the ancient sages (namely those, which were belonged to the number of consecrated men) coded this development. It should be clear, that in the various regions of the world the various code were used for secret knowledge. Because first of all, it should be cleared that who and when wrote the kept up to-day ancient treatises and then to find the link between «Torah» and other religions of the world.


Torah is one of sacred books of mankind. By this reason the authenticity of the Torah should not create any doubts. This sacred book tell us how Moses takes the people of Israel out of ancient Egypt against will and desire of pharaon. The mystical link of Moses with pharaon shows us, that as a matter of case, the some unknown developments are the subjects of the description (this fact, that there are nothing about origin of Moses's relatives from Egypt in the ancient Egypt's texts prompts us, that the developments, described in Torah should not be considered verbally). One of the founders of the Jewish philosophy Phylon Alexandrian considered, that the only means for truly understanding of the bible text is «to reveal the secret meaning, concealed in the allegories, because the verbal understanding of the meaning is body, but symbolical understanding is the soul of the law» (2).


Another Jewish philosophy Aristobul Alexandrian from Poneye was the author of comments of the «Torah» in the Greek language, the fragments of which are preserved at the «father of church». He claimed, that Greek poets and philosophers (Homer, Hesiod, Platon, Aristotle) borrowed their own views from --- Moses. Aristobul understood the wisdom (the bible) as a matter, which existed up to the creation of the world by god, and even independently in regard of Creater (3).


Phylon and also Aristobul prior to him, preferred Moses in comparison with Platon. Albeit Platon stressed, as it is possible, that the Greek philosofy - even represented by its best persons - is secondary in comparison with Judo's wisdom, that latter is more deep and perfectthan philosofy, the study of which could only prepare to understand the Bible's inspirations. At the same time namely Greek philosophy, the study of which could only prepare to undetstand by its developed ontological, ethical and other notions is such sole instrument, by the help of which he reveals the matter of writing (4). From the another side, all ancient Greek philosophy linked by ancient Egypt's mythology. As a result, we should seek the true matter of writing in the known for us very ancient texts. Egyptologist M.A. Korostovtsev pointed out, that the Old Testament, without doubt, bears the tracks of Egyptian influence. The Bible's cosmogony, according to which the God had created the world by sentences, is a well seen parallel with memphyss'es cosmogony, according to which the God Pta is acting correctly in the same way. The book, known for us by the name «The parables of the Solomon» possesses parts, which are translation or very close to the original narration of some parts of Egyptian Amenemope's work «Precepts». I.S. Katsnelson also pointed out, that the dependence of ancient Jewish literature from Egyptian literature is apparent, but theologians doesn't wish to note it, claiming the «parallel» course of their development (5). But «Monument of the memphyss'es theology» influenced not only to the Old Testament, but also to the New Testament, i.e. to the initial Christianity. The many examples of the Egyptian influence to the Bible could be given (6). Researching the library, found by archaeologists in the region Nag Hammed (Egypt), the Bible's researchers revealed, that along with four Gospels (so-called canonical) the initial christians also used other Gospels, but only after canon named as apocreefic. One of them is «Gospel from Egyptians», which begins by the words: "The sacred book of great, invisible Spirit" and pretends to be written by the Bible's Sif. This is treatise on cosmogonical themes, document of mythological gnosticism (7).


The pages also of other treatises, found in Nag Hammed, are dedicated to the Bible's Sif. Sif fulfils the various functions in these works, but all these documents are connected by one common thought: Sif is initiator of the new, special race of men - gnostics. Almost all documents linked in anyway by the name of Sif, possesses other, just the same sing. These texts are documents of mythological gnosticism of the non-christian origin: even where we find out the christian realities (for example, «Apocrif of the Joanna», «Apostasy of arkhonts» or « Gospel of the Egyptians») the discussion is dedicated to the secondary, superficial christianization of the text and doesn't touch its inner essence (8).


«The second treatise of the great Sif» tell us about revelations of Jesus Crist, which is probably identified here with Sif. He tell his own story in the treatise (descending to the Earth, «death» in the cross, return to Plerom), giving to it the «true» (gnostical) interpretation, consealed from initiated (9).


Talking about the secrecy of this teaching, it should be noted, that according to the Assirian-Babylonian sources, the initiated could be opened only for initiated. In the contrary case he or she will be punished by the great Gods - Any, Enlilya and Ela. Only initiated has right to read it; uninitiated shouldn't take it by hands. But if take the Bible, he or she, at least, should not understand anything in it. Even at the Jesus's time this question was explained as: «They will look at but, as a result, doesn't see anything, they will hear, but doesn't understand anything». Already religious and scientific teachings of Shumers, Babylonians and Assyrians were given preferably in the verbal form. The very important teachings were transferred to the initiateds orally. «Really, we cannot find» - Konteney talked about Assirian - Babilonian literature - no one writing having instructive character, which contains of complete description of according sphere of knowledge. Priests strove, that only works needed comments to interprete their concealed meaning would be accessable for people. This instruction is repeated constantly in this text: «You should teach it only for initiated, uninitiated shouldn't know about it!» (10).


Generalizing all ancient literature, we can come to the conclusion, that all ancient text told us about some sacramental development, directly linked by Ancient Egypt. Because we should again consider these developments and strive to find key to decipher Torah, using firstly the ancient Egyptian sources. But, in order to understand these sources, to reveal their logic, it is necessary to meet with basis of ancient Egyptian language.


The specialists noted, that the ancient Egyptian language along with hundreds of pictograms and multi - consonant signs contained of also 24 signs, according to 24 consonant sounds. In 1916 famous British egyptologist A.H.Hardiner found the writings of the last period of Middle kingdom, among epigraphy material found out during diggings in the Sinai peninsular. These writings were composed by the help of 26 alphabet's signs, which without doubt are originated to egyptian hieroglyphic writing, and phonetical sounds accorded with sounds of letter of semit's (phinikian) alphabet (11). Egyptian system of writing is not sole one, where there aren't signs for consonants. The special signs for consonant phonems also are absent in the some ancient systems of writing of semit peoples (phinikian, ancient Jewish, arameyian and other). Egyptian roots, similar to roots of semit language words, contain of consonant, but not vowel phonems. The consonant root, and namely this one is carrier of notion, and exponent of semantics, while the vowels play only service role, showing what grammatic form is possessed by notion (12). It means, that only consonants has meaning, and vowels are only linking elements. Meanwhile the majority of consonants has its own specific notion, but some consonants could copy the same notion. Analyzing and comparing various words of ancient Egyptian language we came to the conclusion, that consonants of ancient egyptian alphabet have following notion:

«R» - means sun, the reason of all reasons

«S» (also «Z», «Sh» ) - spirit, contain of identical and light

«G» (also «H» and «K») - life's energy

«V» (also «B») - ancestor

«Ch» - inner, internal

«D» (also «T») - platonian matter, male's initial energy

«F» (also «P») - wisdom of identical

«Y» - appeal, call

«L» - people, tribe living in some territory

«M» - to create, made, confirmation

«N» - female's initial energy


The abovesaid interpretation of consonants was the basis of all literature and sacramental language of priests. But no each word of sentence had special meaning (revealed by consonants contained in word). The consonants played this important role only in proper names, promoting to reveal the meaning of all text and other parts of sentence played additionary role, correcting the meaning of the text. Consequently, in order to reach the essence of sentence it is necessary to decipher the proper names.


The specialists noted, that in ancient egyptian literature the ability of ancient authors to combine a number of tales with various content using one linking frame attracts the attention. This method is met in Egypt firstly in the world literature and then was widely used in the writing of almost all people of the world. Ancient authors used also other stylistic methods: repeats, the play on words, alliterations, so called «parallels of parts». Sometimes the second sentence complements or corrects the first one, or enhances the thought and so on (13).


As a result, we have one of keys, necessary to decipher the ancient theological literature which was created by sages only for sages. All this literature is dedicated to some, unknown for us sacramental development of the space scale. Comparing our conclusions with opinions of cabalists, suphies and other sages it is easy to understand that all these sources contain of question about ancient divine being. According to the opinion of cabalists and suphies, understanding the sacramental meaning of names, letters contained in these names, digits and numbers, to which these letters are accorded, the human being could approach to the cognition of the God (14). In order to decipher all this coded information, we needs more detailed information about deeds of ancient sages. By this purpose we should known both nature's laws (which were apprehended by few number of persons at the considered time period) and their philosophy, which was considered by them as sacramental and consealed for uninitiated. By this reason, we shall not decipher this ancient science completely, but touch its fundamental principles slightly.


Reading the Torah, it could seems that the question described there is creation of our world. But in reality, besides commonly accepted meaning, it contain of other consealed meaning. Similar to invisibility of spirits world, during fast, superficial reading of sacred texts it is impossible to understand that they contain of coded information about invisible, but really existed world.


It should be noted, that translations of Torah to the modern languages of the world's peoples didn't accord with original completely. Sometimes in translations we met with expressions without any meaning. We shall give limited number of examples. So, the anonym «Gvur» was translated as power, while Gvur is ancient Jewish variant of name of Egyptian God Gor. Already from the expression «from the month of power» it is resulted that, Gvur doesn't mean power, because the power is attribute or feature of man or God, but in no way is live creature.


The word «uzzy/ozzy» was translated as «force», while it means «spirit». Let us consider expression «The sage came to the city of strongs». «City of strongs» - is sky, because sky is city of spirits. It is clear, that sky isn't city of strongs, but of spirits. Similarily, the word amin (emun/amana) indicates the name of ancient egyptian God Taktiz Aman, which is creator of all Gods and so on.


It is also commonly known, that for some expressions, met in the Torah, there are various interpretations contradicting each other. For example the word «woman» sometimes means both woman and God's people and also the female's initial energy, and whole earth's world with its flora and fauna and so on. All abovesaid made difficult the proper perception of this sacred bock.




1. At the beginning God had created sky and earth.


Many ancient monuments of writing tell about creation of sky and earth by God. In order to completely imagine this act, we should clear what is meant under the term «God» and creation of what sky and what earth is considered in every concrete case. Slavonic word "Gospod" (God) is translation of Greek word «Kurios», which mentioned in the Greek text of the Bible in regard of not only God, but also humans. From another side the theonyms El, Eloakh, Eloakh, Elokhim could be used in the jewish texts not only in regard of only God but also in regard of pagans idols (1). And this does mean, that these theonymes could be used by the same pagans during prayers to their divine being and when they appeal to their similar to God tsars and specially esteemed priests.


It is well known fact, that in the ancient text besides supreme God the names of various god-tsars and spirit-keepers are met. Because, we imagine, according to ancient tradition, that some powerful man or spirit of this powerful man is implied under the word God also in Torah.


Isayya had written: «God says in such order: sky - is My throne, and earth - is foot of My feet», (66:1) or «My hands founded earth and My right hand stretched out sky»  (48:13). And slave Abbakhu stated using words of slave Elizar: «One blessed, if supported by God Jakovlev, created sky and earth, (Psalm 146 [rus.145]:5-6). The book of Jeremian (10:12-13) contains of such statement: «He created earth by his force, confirmed the body of world by his own wisdom and stretched out sky by his own understanding». In another expression of Isayya (44:24) noted that «I am God, which created all, solely stretched out sky and using my force spread out Earth». From these and other similar expressions we can draw conclusion that concrete God is considered in the ancient texts and this God could be perceived by learning of all ancient philosophy and theological literature.One blessed, if supported by God Jakovlev, created sky and earth, (Psalm 146 [rus.145]:5-6). The book of Jeremian (10:12-13) contains of such statement:


Aristotle wrote following lines: «God is live matter … life without doubt, featured by him» (XII, 7 p.211), but under the notion of God's life Aristotle understood only activity of his mind - divine thought. «God - Aristotle said - is «mind [which is] thinking independently … and [his] thought is thinking about thinking» (2).


One of the prominent philosophers of the period of initial christianity is judeo Philon Alexandrian, which lived in I century B.C. and many time appealed to Torah. God Yakhve, depicted by Phylon, hasn't body, sole, always equals and identical to himself. Being sole, he is simple, he hasn't any blend. Having been self-sufficient, Yakhve - pure mind, blessing and beauty. Having been completely out of world, Yakhve is creating this world. Yakhve is god - creator. He created world only because that he is beneficent, he created it both freely and on plan. But, being completely closed on himself, Yakhve couldn't create world directly, because being spirit, he was stranger to bodily-natural world, and outer in regard of it, or as it was called later, he was transcendental. By this reason Yakhve needs mediators. The creation of world by God is mediated by logos and ideas. Logos as an attribute of God and the ideas from century existed in God. Then they receive relative independence, forming bodiless world of logos, estranged from Yakhve and ideas as if packed in it. But ideas are not only images, but also are some, creating objects. By this reason they are forces. Because the wold of pure logos and pure ideas, which is secondary in regard of Yakhve, is in turn pre-picture of objects, and logos is eternal law, which doesn't limits Yakhve. God is higher than logos - his attribute and by this reason can violate laws of nature and make miracles.(3)


As a result, according to Phylon, Yakhve is spirit, contained of pure mind and pure logos, and he creates the world by his own will. The specialist states, having all reasons, that as a matter of case, Phylon repeats the thought of «Monument of memphis's theology», where God Pta acts in similar way (4). This does mean, that image of Yakhve is originated from egyptian religion, which occurred more earlier than ancient Jewish religion. The fact, that egyptian pantheone also contained of semit's Gods: Kadesh, Anat, Astarta and so on, confirms the abovesaid thought.


Consequently, to understand the essence of Torah we should decipher the religion of ancient Egypt in parallel, because they are linked closely. The book of Moses couldn't be apprehended without understanding of Egypt's religion. By this cause we shall attempt to understand the fundamental principles of egyptian religion firstly.


Accoding to the memphys's cosmogony God Pta was demiurg. He creates world and Gods by the force of his divine word. The creative force of God - is his heart and thoughts created by heart and desires, said by mouth of God. It is directly said here, that «nine gods» (enneada) of Atum was created namely by mouth of God Pta. All, named by him, was transforming to reality - the world and Gods were created in such order.


J.Wilson wrote: «The part of text interesting us begins from moment, when Ptakh (Pta) is equated to Nun, initial water, from which Atum, usually considered as God - creater, was occurred. This fact makes Ptakh the ancestor of God of Sun and this priority is mentioned rarely in the other texts, but in our text this fact not only implied: the detail description of how Ptakh created Atum is given. «Ptakh is great; He is heart and language of Nine of Gods … which created Gods … incarnated in the heart and language of the image of Atum».


Atum was contemplated and created in this away. The idea about Atum, God - creater, had occurred in the heart» of divine world: this heart or mind was Ptakh himself: then idea «had occurred in the language» of the divine world; this language or speech was Ptakh himself. Egyptian used coloured, material images, his speech is elliptical: «in the image of Atum, the creation took place in the heart and language», but this doesn't explained at all. These terms themselves contain of imagination about thought and birth.


But creative force of Ptakh will not end after creation of traditional God - creator. «Ptakh is great and powerful, which empowered (all Gods with force), equally their hearts by the help of (action of) this heart and (action of) this language». The creative origin doesn't end also by appearance of Gods. «It did happen, that heart and language control of (all) parts (of Body) by the help of teaching, that he (Ptakh) is in the every body (in the form of heart) and in the every mouth (in the form of language) of all Gods and men, and all animals, all skunks and all (every) live creatures, by the help of his (Ptakh's) intention (in the form of heart) and order (in the form of language) about everything, what he desires». In another words, not only miracle of birth and verbal expression of the thought is situated before us. The same creative principles, actions of which in the initial waters created Atum, are acting also to-day. At the all places, where thought and order exist, - Ptakh is creating.


The text even stresses the meaningful difference between traditional imagination about creation, when Atum creates Shu and Tephnut and such act, when Ptakh named Shu and Tephnut and doing it already created them. Teeth and lips of Ptakh - articulated organs of the creative speech. Accoding to the one version of myth about Atum, Shu and Tephnut are products of ejaculation of God - creator. As a result, teeth and lips of Ptakh is positioned in parallel with semens and hands of Atum. From the viewpoint of contemporary notions the acts of Ptakh has more exalted character. But, it doesn't mean that, ancient author wonted to depreciate the more material version. May be, he only held analogy between two versions of the same myth saying: «The Nine of Atum is occurred from his semen, (detached) by his fingers; but Nine of Ptakh has essence in the form of teeth and lips in these mouthes, which pronunciated the name of all, and (consequantly) Shu and Tephnut went out from these (mouthes)» (5). Then Shu and Tephnut created the earth and sky - god of earth - Geba and goddes of the sky Noot. And Geba and Noot, in their turn, created God Osiris with his wife Isida and God Seta with his wife Neftida.


As a result the Nine of Atum could be shown as following diagram:ATUM






From the Heliopol's variant of this teaching it is followed, that juniverse contained of chain of creations of natural phenomen by other ones. «The high Atum (Atama) raised to the hill among initial waters of Noon (Naun) and name of this God could be interpeted as «all». Atum created from himself the pair Shu and Tephnut - Air and Water. The second pair - Geb (Geeba) and Noot (Ne) - Earth and Sky was born from first abovenamed pair. As a result of love to his doughter, - Sky, Air stands up himself and locates all under her, lifting her above head and detaching her from earth. Two pairs of great - grandsons or great-granddaughters, created by Earth and Sky, Osiris and Isida, Set and Nephtys (Neftida) were joined to Atum, his children and grand-children. The latter four were obliged for honour, shared by them, not to their importance in the nature, but to places in the imaginations, linked by future life existance. The named nine Gods composed <"big nine" in (the city) Ane»>, in differ from other «small nine». Atum himself was identified by Heliopol city's God Sun, named Ra - Atum. Sun was declared «having been created», named as khapry, raising having the name Ra and descending by the name of Atum…»


In another teaching Ptakh circulated to eight divine beings. « The two of them: Ptakh - Naun and Ptakh - Nauna, composed the pair of initial water and were father and mother of Atum. Other Ptakh - Great Ptakh incarnated heart and language of «nine» - Khora and Tota, which all together becamed (turned to) Atum. At the same time this teaching directly cited the example of human activity. «Nine» serves as teeth and lips in the world's mouth, which called names of all existed objects. The other imagination about Ptakh was being described just here, according which, he being identical to capital's God of the Earth Tachenen, plants trees and stones on himself. As a result, Ptakh became initial matter - initial water and soil and also the world's mind.»(6).


In order to receive more complete imagination about this teaching, let us meet also with other religions of ancient Egyptians. Author of «Memphys's theologian treatise» stressing the limits of action of Plakh's force, wrote that gods were born in this way, the divine order was occurred in this way, the principles of existance, on which the providing of mankind with provisions and resources was depended, were legalized in this way, the difference between good and evil was created in this way, the art, vocations and all types of human activity were created in this way, Ptakh created regions and cities in this way and determined the proper places for all local divine beings. And at last: «in this way it was determined and understood, that his (Ptakh's) power is more, than powers of (other) Gods. And now, Ptakh has a rest after creation of all and divine order (the word of divine being)»(7). The word «has a rest» was also translated as «sleep» (8).


The other text contain of following : «Pta - is sole, all - absorbing God, combining in himself both Atum Iliopolian and cycle of Osiridis.He is thought, occurred in the heart and body and appeared in the word, writings and art. He is God of creation, architector of Universe, because the words of God has validity and they create Gods, humans and universe. He is also guardian of moral order in the earth». (9).


But from another side, the same Atum are named in the text as God Amon (The name of God Atum - Amona is met in the writings of White Temple). He figure with other members of «Great Enneada in this text» (10).


Amon, identified with Ptakh - Tanen, plays the role of «father» Ogdoada» in another text: «You accomplish your transforming as Tanen in order to initiate the birth of initial Gods». «Tanen, created himself as Ptakh, the parts of organs of which is Ogdoada», (2_11) or «which existed in the all objects» (2_12).


The Laiden's «Anthem for God Amon» speaks directly: «Three Gods - Amon, Ra, Pta - are essence of all Gods. And there is not any God similar them. Which is Amon and conseales his name, has face similar to Ra's one and body similar to Pta's one»  (13). And one of writings in the Phyvan's tomb of Noferkhotep (XVIII dynasty) speaking about Amon stressed that he is - «One, which occurred himself, born his mother (i.e. Noot) and created his father (i.e. Geb)» (14).


As we can see, all Gods of Egyptian pantheon are appearing as a same god but with various names. In order to understand this situation, we should understand the philosophy by which they were guided during creation of Gods. By this reason we should use the logic of ancients sages: such as Platon, Phylon, Aristotle and so on. But in order that reader don't tangled in this complicated question, lifting the veil of secrecy over this ancient mystery, we will ground on ancient sages.


According the Platon, there is world eternal, non-changed ideas, which are pouring their energy to the material world. The material world cannot to be perfect already due to reason, that ideas, being examples for it, are incarnated in numerous objects always in the partly, dispersed and shattered way. From the other side, matter according to Platon is «Khora» - some space, of some type, which invisible, unformed and imperceptible. («Timey»50 B-C).


It is identical with itmself and can take various forms. Matter (substance) is source of plurality, singleness, bodiless, changeableness, mortality and birth and so on. But all, which exist in the nature, contain of matter and form, according to ideology of Aristotle. Nature and objects cannot exist without matter. Aristotle considered thing as composed whole, contained of substance - matter and essence of being - form. The thing as «individual matter» (XII.3 p. 205) is secondary is regard of matter and form. The thing is occurred as a result of putting of matter into form. As a result, the matter is co-participant of form in the things. But, despite that matter is not eternal, it's source of change ability of things, and namely due to matter, staying in the border of being and non-being, and may be protruding from this border, thing is «capable to be or not to be» (VII.7.p.221). Besides, matter is source of individualization of things.


As a result, in order to understand what's idea, matter and so on we should decipher more deeply the codificated thoughts of ancient sages, because up to our research nobody had engaged on this question.


After the beginning of lawful motion of solar system, else some forces and laws was born in this motion. Besides light and motion, the sound occurred, because every planet has its own trajectory and speed. Two forces and laws occurred simultaneously, which aren't acknowledged by to- day scientists. J. Freser named these laws as laws of magic - contagious and homeopathical. The laws of homeopathical magic declares: «The similarity creates the similarity».


The human being gained ability to think namely due to this cosmic force. And force in due to which «the link is kept between things, which formerly were contagious, but then were disintegrated» is called the contagious magic. Due to this cosmic force human being gained memory. Consequantly, platon's matter contains of light, motion, sound and laws of hoeopathetic and contageous magic. All these forces and laws compose together world's soul, world's mind - matter, which will be called by us non-transient. By this reason Empedocl wrote: "All parts of fire, both visibles and invisibles possess thinking and linked by mind", «All have mind, not only animals, but also plants» (B. 110). The human being, similar to all live creatures, was given the instinct variant of this high mind. The human being gain the to-day image, named as «Homo sapiens» after creation of human by God - demiurg as divine being. We shall come back to this question.


 Platon wrote: «It should be acknowledged, that firstly, there is idea, which is unborn and non-destructable, including nothing to himself from anywhere and don't entering to anything, invisible and intangible at all, but given to thoughts. Secondary, there is some similar to this idea and also having name - tangible, born, even in the motion, occurring in the some place and disappearing from this place again, and this idea is perceived by mediation of opinion, linked by sensation. In third, there is also one gender, namely - space: it is eternal, non-destructable, giving place to all borns, but it is perceived out of sensation, by the mediation of some unlawful conclusion and it is almost impossible to credit it» («Timey» 52B).


In this way, we can state, that 6 thousand years ago all nature was similar to the nature of to-day, and human being was non-developed and possessed the backward intellect. Similar to animals, human beings also was guided by instincts and lived, except the few examples, no more than forty years. Due to various epidemies and ilnesses the quantity of men doesn't grow.


In order to ground the authentisity of our words, we appeal to the tragedy «Prometey chained» of Eskheel:


105. But it is difficult to keep silence and to speak

 About my fate. Because, I am unhappy,

 I am suffering due to kindness for mortals

 I steal the divine torch

 And conseal it in the trunk of the reed …

 Don't think that pride forced me

 To keep silence. But my heart is tearing to pieces

 When my shame is visible.

 Who, if not I, distributed the honoured gifts


490. To these new gods?

 But I shall keep silence about case, which well-known,

 I shall speak about sufferring of mortals.

 Because, I transformed them, who was silly, as a child

 And they became prudent, able to think.

 I am not reproaching them by this story,

 But I would like to explain you

 The meaning of my kindness. Earlier men were looking

 But not seeing, and hearing

 They cannot heard anything; They live

 In some dreams; They don't know carpentry

 Don't build houses from bricks,

 They live in the deep underground cave,

 Without sun lights, similar to ants.

 Still they cannot distinguish at that time

 The sings of winter, of spring-time of flowers.

 And of fruitful summer; Without thought

 They do all. I showed them

 The sky star's ascents and setting

 I teach them firstly among all sciences


510. The science about numbers and grammatics; I gave them

 Also the creative memory, the mother of inspiration

 And I firstly slaved the yoke

 On the wild animals; easing

 The hard work of body, I harnessed

 The loving reins horses to the carter.

 Which was the favourite luxury of the wealthy men.

 Nobody, but I had designed ships with flaxy wing.

 And had invented all these for mortals


520. I cannot find the means for myself

 To get out from this calamity…

 Also listen to me and be surprised

 Seeing sly arts, invented by myself.

 The more important is that: if anybody


530. Was ill, he didn't know the remedy:

 The healing liquids, ointments, but died

 Due to absence of doctor's help;

 I taught them to mix medicines

 In order to heal all ilnesses …


550. Who dare to say

 That find out in favour of men

 Iron, consealed under the ground,

 Also silver, gold and cupper?

 Of course, nobody, if want not to boast.

 But saying shortly, you should know

 That all skills of humans are originated from Prometey.


Approximately 5540 years ago (according to Torah) initial human being, named Aman, hurted himself and as a result he gained illness - epilepsy, considered as sacred. During one of paroxysms Aman was lying consciousless on the ground approximately one day. At this time the Aman's spirit left his body and joined to the supreme mind-intransiant matter. Just the moment Aman begin understand the essence of all things: that all things contain of matter and form, and information is contained of in the matter (intransitive). All things touched by the spirit of Aman gave him all their information: about their content, formula, what illness could be healed by them and so on. Joined to the supreme mind, Aman knew what should happen tomorrow, how the life could be elongated, how one can influence to the nature and so on. As a result, when Aman awoke, he was genius. After this case, he using various methods repeated the paroxysm and during it learned the universe. The human beings surrounding him being sure on his prophetical gift, began credit him and chose him tsar. Aman perfecting day-after day accepted gift, at last perceived all stages of development of Universe and begin to think about immortality. But body, where the spirit of human being inhabits, cannot be immortal, but its life can be elongated. And then Aman begin to think about the immortality of soul, because only soul can live ever. But according medium is needed for this reason. Having learned the structure of universe, Aman understood, that if he would create the world of spirit according to his own desire, he will not live for long time period. Because the solar system and nature are structured in this way, that alien, «born out of Law» medium should not exist. Only strict system, according to the birth of the earth system and identified to it, can live ever. But in order to create something, it is necessary to control substance, which is contained in creature.


As we already stressed out, all things contain of matter (intransiant) and its forms. Thing is occurred when the form is put in to the matter. As a result to create the live creature, it is necessary to learn using of matter's (intransiant) force. But it could be used only if there is something among matter, which guided by yourself. By another words, to control matter (intransiant), it is necessary to create the live creature from it - soul, which contains of the same substance. Because, on March 21, on the day of equinox Aman began create the energy - creature in his brain, which contains of matter and will live in matter. During year he created the sun in the sky - the fiery ball, contains of matter (intransiant) using force of mind, sacrifices, magic words (mantra) and rituals.


As it is described in parable of Phylon, architector «firstly imagines in mind parts of the city, which should be built: temples, gymnasiums, [city's] holls, markets, harbours, hawsers, streets, living and administrative buildings. When all mentioned forms of things are impressed in his mind as in the wax, he bear the image of city, created by his mind. After the period, when he using force of memory, possessed by himself, imagined pictures of various parts of city and determined their types more strictly, he as good master (demiurg) begins build city from wood and stone, looking at example, made by him, making visible and tangible things, corresponding to non-material ideas at all» Similar to this, Phylon said, "God acted, beginning creation of the world. At the beginning He created in his own spirit (imagined) the types of its parts and combined them in the speculative world, then transformed it, according to this example, to the world, perceived by organs of sensation» (15).


In this way, Aman creates God in the sky (which named by egyptians as Gor, by jewish - Yakhve, by Greeks - Zevs and so on), which playing the role of Sun, incarnates the supreme mind. As it is informed by egyptian texts, Aman naming himself as God Pta, identified his thought and word with intransiant matter, and doing it he as if creates himself. Pouring to himself his own semen - live energy, and identifying semen with intransitive matter, Aman creates ball on the sky from intransitive matter, which is subordinated to him (and also contains of intransitive matter). In this way Aman creates his second soul, second pair of hands, his double - Ka, who can influence to intransitive matter. Aman identified his second pair of hands of Ka with his shadow and already was able to act as God - creator. Platon named this God - creator as «mind-demiurg».


The word «demiurg» contains of two words: «demi + urg», where «urg» means «sun Ka» - God Gor. The word «demi» is originated from name of egyptian Atum. As it was noted, every consonant sound meant the concrete notion in ancient Egypt. Consequently, the word «DM» or «TM» does mean created, confirmed, completed intransitive. It does mean, that bible's Adam is ancient egyptian God Atum/Atam.


The rabbinical Adam is athletic creature, reaching sky in height. Rabby Eliezer, determining his height, cited this part of Second Law (4:32):  «… God created man (Adam) on the earth, having height up to the edge of sky». In the sect of gnostics, valentians, Adam is first man, which personified the divine being, and is representative of demiurg in the earth and even is considered as eon (16).


 The name of work «Timey» is coded by theonim «Atama/Atum». It does mean, that Platon's «Timey» is dedicated to the birth of God Atama/Atuma or bible's Adam.



Platon wrote: «All abovesaid things, born in that time, under the effect of need, were taken by hand of demiurg of best created things, who intended to create self - sufficient and perfect God; the reasons of this intent were belonged to these things. He used things as auxiliary ones, but at the same time sent every occurred thing for good … All things represented the situation of full disorder and only God leads each of them to full agreance with oneself and other things in all regards, which are possible in their sharing to correlativeness and proportionality. Because, up to-day there is nothing similar, except for accidental coexistance, and there was no necessity to use names given to fire and water, and also other things: God lead all this to order firstly and then composed from it our Universe - only liven creature, contains of other live creatures, as mortals and immortals. The divine beings are created by demiurg, but creating of other mortals was credited to creatures, created by demiurg» (Platon «Timey» 68E, 69B-C).


Consequently, Aman with his Ka transforms space to liven creature. Created the world of spirits in the sky, he determined human being for this world. Then the new born human being is dubled with his Ka in the sky. After death the spirit of man joins to his or her Ka and reach the world of spirit. Human receives immortality and live there forever. Phylon wrote, that creating world, God also created bodyless souls having mind with various degree of cleaning. Most clean souls, joined with most thin bodies, became angels, but less clean souls are active both in sensual cognition and thinking. They have free will, which they could attempt to set off against God's will. After the death of body soul can ascends to high sphere and enjoy with rest in the sociaty of angels. Then it can reach the world of logos and even God (17).


 According to Platon the conclusion in brief is that «there is being, space and occurrence and these three [genders] were occurred separately even before birth of sky. But what we shall say about Feeder (matter - in - transitive) is that: because it spreadened by water and fired by flame and received the form of earth and air and passed through all queue of such conditions, having multiform image and by the reason that potentials filled by it were not identical each to other and were not mutually balanced and it hasn't any balance in its any part, it was shakable and could be trembled by these potentions and in its turn was shaking them by its own motion. That one, which was moved, always was breaked into pieces and formed parts moved in various directions similar to the process of sifting of chaff from grain using the stream of air: dense and heavy parts are lying to one place and friable and light parts are dropped aside and find the other place of habitation. Similar to this process, four mentioned genders [elements] were shakable by Perceiver (matter - intransitive], which by its motion was similar to sieve; all, that were less similar, were scattered by it in more distance between them and all that were most similar were sieved and located close to each-other; consequently, four genders were separated in the space even before birth time of composed by themselves Universe. At the past, there wasn't any mind or measure in them: despite that fire and water, earth and air represented some signs of their pecularities, they were dwelling at whole in such situation, which was inherent for all things non-touched by God. By this reason the latter at the beginning of construction of space begins with regulating these four genders by the help of images and numbers. Let us consider transformation of them by God to highest possible beauty and perfection from completely other condition as preeminent and unchanged confirmation» (Platon «Timey» 52E, 53B).


Aman effecting to elements in various manner, resubordinated them to his Ka. Then he begins to constract space with his Ka. Ka of Amon is platon's mind - demurg - eternal image of space, its reason and builder. The reason of world's occurrence is will of «mind - demurg» or God, which «wished, that all things should become as similar as possible to him». According to Platon, «mind - demurg» is both God, matter and ideas - images, in another words, God as mind-demurg is given ideas - carriers of expedient causality from one side and matter - the carrier of natural necessity - from another side. The creation is that matter is filled by ideas, as expedient reasons. The order, praised by Platon - is expedience of live organism, all parts of which serve to whole, and without whole they cannot exist.


 According to Platon space is materializing of God in matter, transforming of natural world to live organism. Platon determined space as «live creature, possessing soul and mind» («Timey», 30B). Creating space as live organism, demurg located mind in soul and soul in body.


 The body of space is created from matter, and matter is source of multitudeness, soleness, materiality, changability, mortality, ability to be born and so on. The mind - demurg created the body of space from it. It is similar to ball, the axis is situated in its centre and still earth is lying on this axis. The body of space is situated within soul of space. The soul of space is created by demurg more earlier than its body. The mind - demurg used two essences: non - divisible and identical forever from one side, and other, suffering body division, from another side. Demurg partly mixed two these essence and accepted third essence, sharing identical and other. Demurg using these three essences created the soul of space, dividing it to parts, situated in the complicated proportional dependence. These parts are souls of space bodies. That is called by Platon as non - divisable and identical forever is world's mind, which contains of magic forces of laws «the similar creates similar» and «contagious things keep link after contact». But other, suffering body division is soul, which detached from body after its death.


Aman imaginating the soul of space, creates the images from stuffed animals. His sky hand Ka creates the same from spirit of animals in the sky.


 Platon wrote: «World's soul is going through body of scale and dispose it. It fulfilled two type of motions: external and internal, one of them accords with identical and second accords to other. The sphere of immovable stars moves by external identical movement: planets, moon and sun are moving by internal and other movement. As a result, first function of world's soul is motion. Second function of world's soul is cognition: «During each contact with thing, essence of which is divided or, in contrary undividable, it begins motion with its whole existance and verbally expresses what is identified by given thing and what is not identified by it. World's soul using its own identical part reachs the idea, and using other part - matter, and by mixture of identical and other - thing. This space knowledge is expressed in space word and «this word is uttered in self - moveable without sound» («Timey», 37B).


This does mean, that if Aman wish rain, he should only say it loudly and some time after his Ka should gather clouds on the sky and induce rain similar that, when we stretch hand to take anything and then our brain transfer the thought to motion. Our brain incarnates identified, but our body incarnates other.


All abovesaid leads to thought, that Aman resubordinating matter - space force to himself, transformed it to his sky soul. This force was inherited by Aman for his own future generation. Because they, as Aman, could use it according to their desire. Great Tannay speaking about God's love to Israel people explained: «Israel's population is beloved, because they are given an instrument, by which world is built: else more love is given them, because they know, that they are given an instrument, by which world is built» (18). Instrument, about which Tannay spoke, is God - protector of Ka, which given by Aman to all his descendants: Israelies - El Azery.


All this does mean, that Phylon's Yakhve and egyptian Pta are second sky's soul of Aman created by him during one year.


This soul - God creator and protector of Aman, his second pair of hands, his shadow in the sky. Aman creating his assistant in the sky, himself played the role of identical - language and mind of universe, as God Pta. Then Aman identifying himself with Atum creates himself with Pta. This does mean, that God Atum is Aman with his sky's spirit Ka. Named his sky's spirit Ka by another name - Shu, Aman identified him with air, which detaches air from earth.


We meet similar situation in indian mythology. Pradjapaty is coming out both as sacrifice at whole and as first donor (priest), also as victim and at last as orderer of sacrificing, which reached sky firstly, (shatapatkha brakhmana,{further shbr} due to effect of sacrifice.From one side , he creates all Gods,including of course,Agny,from another side-Agny as sacrifice's fire is his father. Pradiapaty realizing first space act,sacrifice himself for Gods,which as if creates ''second Pradiapaty'' in the form of sacrificing (shbr.


 Platon wrote: « We shall not say, that as if mother is godmother of all, that was born visible and having sensation at whole-are earth, air, fire or any other [form] ,which is born from these four [elements], or one from which latters was born. In the contrary, signing it as non-visible, unformed and all-perceiving form, taking part in the thinkables very strangely and utterly non-catchable we don't make big mistake.


If our former thoughts helps us to find the track of this nature; it would be fair to talk about it: fire became each time his flaming part, water-humidifying part, earth and air - its parts, which imitating these [element] («Timey» 51B).


As a result we see, that Platon identifies these elements with various parts of matter (intransitive). Consequently, Aman naming his sky's spirit Ka as air, identifies its air part with God Shu . But water part of it is named by himself as Tephnut. There are many works about transition of these elements from one to other, and by this reason we don't consider this guestion, but note, that Aman creating sky's world used water in the earth as matter.


Speaking about sky, it should be noted, that it was considered as made from copper in Homer and in the Bible. We should explain for readers, that sky transformed to copper after melting of copper, when creator using magic soak all sky with fumes, created during this chemical process. Structure of copper, according to view - point of Aman, was more appropriate for this aim.


The creation of sky's world by the help of Aman's double is described by Platon in coded form : «Let us imagine, that somebody is situated in such place of Universe, which disigned mainly for fire, accumulated there in great amount and which dashing to there from every where: Let this human manage to stay there and to separate parts of fire, putting them to the scale's cup. Let us assume then, that he is lifting seals, and expels detached fire to the air, which has non-similar origin: apparently, that small particles will be more pliable to violence, than big ones. When the same force is lifting two things, the small thing more subordinated by force when it is necessary and big one-less, and by this reason big thing is named heavy and dashing downward , but small one-light and dashing up ward. We can find ourselves in similar situation, when we are acting in the part of universe, allotted for us. In fact, it we stay on the earth detach the parts of bodies similar to earth, and also of earth, in order to lead them to ailien media of air using force and contrary to nature, both these (elements) will express gravitation to that, which is akeen with them, but small particles, which more light than big ones, will subordinated to force and will allow to be expelled to ailien media; namely because we call them light things and place allotted for them - upper place, and this one, which contrary to that and other - accordingly heavy and lower. But all these should be multi-form, if main crowds of bodies of each gender take various places in space, which situated as one is opposed by another: that's light or heavy, high or low at the same place, could be regarded by light and heavy, high and low, in another place, which is contrary to first one, and could be in non-direct links with latter and differ from it fully, both from viewpoint of occurrence, and view point of existance. But one is correct for each cases: aspiration of each thing to its gender is that one, which make him heavy, but direction along which it moving is low; by the way, as contrary to that and other, also names are opposite. The reason of these conditions are such (Platon «Timey» 63 BCDE).


As a result, God is Aman - Egyptian pharaoh Amon and his sky double Ka, who created sky-soul of space - Atum, then-earth-body of space - Atum.


This does mean, that the word «God» in Torah means namely pharaoh Aman (Amon). And he created earth in the sky, where souls of the died humans are continuing their eternal life keeping in memory all about life in the earth. Namely Ovidiy supposed this second life, who began his work «metamorphosis» by words: «Now I would like to tell you about bodies, which transformed to the new forms. Gods - namely you fulfilled these transformations» (1 - 2).


2. Earth was invisible and empty and darkness was on the abyss and spirit of God was dashihg through on the water


Before creation of world of spirits in the sky by Aman, this place was empty as all ocean of light, encircled our earth. There was nothing created by human within borders of firmament and it was filled by Platon's matter. The spirit of Egyptian pharaoh Taktiz (God Kadus) Aman dashed through in this identical, which along with movement, light and sound form the matter. Following is said in «Book of deads»: «I am Atum, when I was sole in chaos (Noon): I am Ra in his first inspirations, when he began guide all which were created by himself» (19). «I am great, created myself, created my name - ruler of enneada (or: «all names of which formed enneada» - variant of Gods). There is not equal to him among Gods. I am yesterday, I know tomorrow…, I am Great phoenix, which in Iliopole investigating existing. I am Mean in its coming out. I reach this earth of famouses, enter to sacred gate. All, Who stand before me, stretch your hands - I became one of you» (20).


As we already noted, at the beginning only spirit of Aman was dashing through in the sky, imagining each part of future world. Then he began to create his sky shadow - Ka, which is represented as sun - Ra. During year Aman created his second pair of hands in his imagination, by the help of magic words, rituals and sacrifices. After the year Ka of Aman was born, which was named in the texts of initial christianity as «fingers of Asirat». There are many materials dedicated to this phenomenon, but ancient Indian sages created mains of them. In Brahmans and in initial Upanishads development of world from space egg described as following: «This was the downright truth. It occurred. It transformed to egg. It stayed about one year. It broke up. Parts of shell of egg became made from silver (one) and from gold (another). Silver part is earth, golden part is sky. What was outer envelope - became mountains, inner - clouds and fog; fibers - rivers, inner liquid - seas. What was born there is sun. when it was born all desires, noise and roar also was occurred» (Chkhandogya upanishada, III, 19. 1 - 3). In «Shatapatkha-brakhmanee»n (XI. 1.6. 1 - 3) we also encountered by imaginations about creation of golden egg from initial water: «1. This was water, only sea, initially. Water was thinking about «How we could be multiplied». They exert the efforts, they were engaged by tapas and golden egg was occurred. Non-born was one year old. This golden egg was floating about one year. 2. The human being had been created from it. This human being was Pradjapati. By this cause woman, or caw or horse is bearing namely after this period. He broke this golden egg. At this moment there was not any support. And this golden egg was floating during one year, carrying him. After year he wished to speak. He said: «Bkhukh» and this earth is occurred. He said «Svakh» and that sky is occurred. By this reason just after one year child experiences desire to speak». But in «Brikhadaranyaka-upanishada (afterwards Br. up)» fourth Brahman began cosmogony in such manner: «At the beginning world was only Atman in the image of man, he shouted: - I am Brakhmo». Then the myth about division of Purusha to male and female halves, about creation of Universe due to their sexual connection in various forms is described. Text stressed out, that Atman knows about his creation, the result of which is he. Then the verse is coming out: «As a result he created all humidity by his semen. This is Soma. Because all world is only food and eater of food» (21).


All these allow us to state, that the expression «earth was invisible and empty does mean the sky world up to creation of spirits living place in it. Here described is a time period, when Aman began creation of his second soul in the sky water. It should be noted, that also in the cosmogony of ofits the female spirit is dashing through over water: this is sacred spirit; first woman and mother of livings (22).


3. And God said: Let light be existed. And light is occurred.


Pharaoh Amon, the spirit of which was dashing through on the water, learning all stages of development of solar system, began to create his double in the sky. Just after one year his brain's energy detached from head the sun in the form of ball. And this sun began its existance separately.


Ra was considered the creator of world in the ancient Egyptian texts. Before him only his father-chaos-aged Noon was existed and «fathers and mothers» of element were in latter. Ra raised from chaos in bud of lotus, in such place, where afterwards Ermopol was occurred: here shining God in the form of sun's disc went out of blossomed out flower. Existance of light is begun. Then Ra bears Shu and Tephnut from himself, then they generates Geb and Noot. The latter were in the condition of constant connection. Ra ordered to Shu to disconnect them and to raise Noot to the stretched upwards hands. Geb is covering by plants, Noot - with sky's stars, which floated to him in ships (23).


In order to detach from himself the created energy, Aman using magic linked the created energy with flower and according to law «similarity», when flower blossomed out the sun disc also was detached from Amon.


Aman (Amon) is called not only by the name Ra, but also identified with Atum in the writings of White temple and stella of Sobekhotep IV: «He is one, who stay «on the head of Nine of Gods», «Ruler of beams», and «Creator of light». Amon is wandering in the boat on sky, similar to these Gods and carries live light and heat (24).


As a result, we see that light is, firstly, sun incarnated by God Ra, secondly, Atum, which born as space creature, and in third, Amon himself, which creates it. The similar conception of world's origin is described also in «Aytareya-aranyake» (11.4. 1 - 3): «At the beginning this was only Atman, there was nothing, which could flashed. He decided: «I shall create worlds». He created these world, water, light, mortal and water sources. This water raised over the sky and latter is his support. This light is air space. The mortal is earth, and what is under earth - water».


Phylon wrote: «The ruling principle is illuminated by bright light, similar to garment. The first creation of True Existance, Logos is dressed by world, as garment». In another place he wrote: «Invisible and apprehended only by mind light is expression of divine Logos, which lead it to our conscious. It's oversky's star, source of all visible stars. It should be called «superlight», which feeds sun, stars and other sky objects by light according to their capabilities». Consequently, light, represented as «garment» - is nothing but emanation of Logos (25).


As we can see, Phylon also implies light of the God under the word «light», by which God was put on. R.Shimon b.r. Iekhotsadak asked r. Shmuelya bar - Nakhman: «I heard, that you are expert on legends [tell me], where the light is created?» He answered: « God put on it as garment and illuminated world by his shining from border» (26).


As a result, we can draw conclusion, that light was born together with double of Aman - Ka. It should be also noted, that besides creating of Ka as Sun, he fulfilled some rituals, which subordinate all world to this sun. Ritual «Ashvamedha» describes one of these ritual. During sacrificing of horse (which was named as «Universe horse») one participator of ritual was reading mantra and another participator, ordered of ritual, expressed all these in mind. The following is said in the introductory part of «Great forest's upanishada» (Br. up.1.1): «OM! Head of sacrificed horse - is just time of dawn, eye is sun, breezing is wind, opened mouth is Agni Vayshvanara, body is year, spine is sky, belly is air space, groin - earth, flanks - sides of the world, ribs - intermediate sides, parts - seasons, articulations - monthes and halves monthes, legs - days and nights, bones - stars …front half - ascending sun, back half - setting sun and so on. When it open the mouth, lighting is glaring, when it shaking itself - it is thundering, when exude urine - rain is pouring, its neigh is speech and so on». Decipher of this ritual is given in my book «Gor Aman».


Abovesaid makes it possible to draw conclusion, that light in this ritual was born not separately, but together with various parts of sky horse, which subordinate universe in the image of horse or head of centaur to its rider. The birth of light is held differently in the various rituals.


4. And God had seen light, that it is good, and God detached light from darkness.


Thus, Aman looked to the created by himself world, saw that his creations are existed as he planned it. He became very glad. We are reading about it in Platon's work: «And when Father deemed, that what was created by him is sculpture of eternal Gods, moves and lives, he became very glad and thought to make creations more similar to example. By the cause that example is live creature, living forever, he attempted to reach possible similarity: but reason is that nature of that live creature is eternal and this feature couldn't be transferred completely to any born. By this reason he thinks to create some moving similarity of eternal; setting up sky, he create for eternal; existing solely, the eternal image, is moving from number to number, which named by us as time. Because there are not days, nights, monthes, years when sky was not born, but He prepared their occurrence only after creation of sky" (Platon' "Timey" 37D).


As a result of abovesaid we can say surely, that detachment of light from darkness by the God does not mean creation of something, which controls time.


5. And God named light as day, and darkness as night.

 And it was evening and it was morning: first day.


We noted, that creating the world of spirit in the sky, Aman linked it by time. It does mean, that creating time he determined day and night. Giving the citation from "Great Forest's upanishada" we noted, that body of sacrificing horse - is year, parts - seasons of the year, articulations - month and halved of month, legs - days and nights". This does mean that birth of light, its detachment from darkness, creation of days and nights, all these processes are happening in this ritual simultaneously. Aman formed this mechanism accuratly, by the help of other rituals.


In psalm (73, 12-17) we meet story about that how Yakhve fighting with waters killed many - headed Leviafan and then created day and night, sky bodies and season of year (27).


Thus, we can state surely, that words "and it was evening and it was morning: first day" implies the termination of first cycle of creation of sky world. And it was the first miracle of world.


6. And God said: Let the solid things be existed among water, and should it separate water from water.


7. And God created solid things and separated water which is under solid state from water, which is on the solid state. And it became so.


7. And God created solid things and separated water which is under solid state from water, which is on the solid state. And it became so.


One of psalms (24 [23]:1-2) said that: "Yakhve possesses earth and that, which filled it. Universe should be possessed by its inhabitants, because he put its grounds on the seas and built it on the rivers". This does mean, that Yakhve grounded Universe in waters. The ancient egyptian "Text of pyramids" also noted, that at the beginning there was initial water chaos - ocean - Noon (senior Qed) . The sunny God, which created himself - Atum, also named as Hepry (Hapry), also being as initial hill occurred from it. This hill was considered as first solid thing, occurred from initial ocean and it was beginning of universe. In this way God Atum, also as Hepry - self - creating God and He already creates from himself the first divine pair - Shu (light, air) and his wife Tefnut (humidity) (28).


Firmament in ancient Egypt sometime was lifting as sea, suspended on four supports, sometime as sky caw, sometime as goddes Noot in the garment of Woman (29). The following is said in anthem in honour of goddes of sky Noot: "Noot, you received soul and you became mightly in the womb of your mother Tefnut, before your birth… you were daughter, having power in your mother, who was illuminated as tsar. Creat, made by sky… you fill each place by your beauty. All earth is lying under you - is subjugated by you: you embraced by hands all earth and all things (all world)… Geb connected all earth everywhere for you . You are far from earth, the head of your father Shu is possessed by you , and you stronger than head of your father. He loves you and located himself under you and all things. You take for herself all Gods with their ships, and locates them as luminaries, in order that they cannot leave you being stars. Noot! Two eyes (sun and moon) are occurred in your head. You take for herself Gor and his enchantress, you take for herself Setkh and his enchantress. Noot, you numbered your childs in your name in "Repit from Iliopol". Noot! You are illuminated as tsar of Low Egypt, possesses Gods, their souls, their sacrifices, their gifts" (30).


We can draw the conclusion from abovesaid, that firstly, the solid sing among water is light, which was created by Aman as himself. Creating light, he confirmed it as solid thing, enforcing it by law of "similarity".


Aman on earth, creating his image as copper, ordered to his double Ka, which situated in the sky, that he also should create himself as copper. As a result, Aman affirmed his double - Ka at sky waters as first solid thing.


 8. And God named the solid thing as sky. And it was evening, and it was morning: second day.


It should be noted, that Goddies of the sky sometimes was depicted in egyptian sources in the image of huge caw, the belly of which studded with stars. In all many variants earth and sky were understood by egyptians as solid thing in the equal degree. Document, found in sarcophagus of highest priest Paynodjem II, said: "Sacred God , ruler of all Gods Amo-Ra… He founded the iron hall of the sky, which stay on his water: nobody is running along his way… and so on".


According to some sources, earth was considered as made from more friable material, and sky - from more dense material (copper and iron), and sky and earth, according to belief of egyptian, were washed by waters and occurred as solid things from water chaos (31). We already noted, that in the "Texts of pyramids", in the Bible and in the poems of Homer sky is made from copper (32). In this way Aman finished second cycle of his creation, which was dedicated to the reconstruction of sky at whole.


And this was the second miracle of the world.


9. And God said: Let the water which is under sky be gathered in one place and ground should be occurred. And it became so.


Having created sky, Aman begins to create earth. One myth said, that God himself was "ascending ground place", place, where the miracle was occurred (33). This does mean that God Amon had created himself in the image of ground place. Theologian treatise said: "You was first on existance, when nothing was existed. There was not earth, without yourself at the beginning of century. All Gods were occurred after you. Enneada is connected in your body". And anthems, dedicated to Amon said: "Your essence is sun, your flesh - breething of every nose, which breething by you in order to life"; "you are sky, you - earth, you - the underworld, you - water, you - air among them" (34).


In this way, Aman, named himself as ground place, creates the earth-Geb from himself.


10. And God named the ground place as earth, and gathered water as seas. And saw, that it is good.


In order to clearly imagine the subject of discussion, let us meet with writings in one of sarcophaguses of Cairo's museum.


The dead is declared as suitable for Gods and receiving from them four higher blessings in this writings:


 " Ra is giving light to you

 Its beams

 Are filling your eye.

 Shu is giving air to you.

 Providing your nose with life.

 Geb is giving all fruits to you

 By which you are living

 Osiris is giving Nil to you

 Because you can live." (35).


It does mean, that spirit of died man, appeared in Geb, live there in the body of Atum, which is God Aman (Amon). Under the word "sea" the sky's Nil is implied, which is Osiris - livening origin.


On the basis of abovesaid we can state, that Aman having created himself in the form of Atum, created Shu and Tefnut (they, in turn, created Noot and Geb - sky and earth). Then Aman look at world of ideas and saw, that all created by himself are living, as he supposed. And he became very glad.


11. And God said: Let earth springs up greenery, grass, sowing seeds, fruitful tree, giving fruit according to its origin, the seeds of which are in the earth. And it became so.


12. And earth sprang up greenary, grass, sowing seeds according to its origin, and tree, growing fruits, seeds of which accords to its origin. And God saw, that it is good.


It should be noted, that according to ancient egyptian logics greenary and grass are considered as female origin energy. But souls of died humans also have the same meaning in ancient Egypt. Because the worlds "greenary", "grass" imply the soul of all live creatures (humans, animals and plants). Aman creating the world of spirits in the sky begins to liken it to our earth. But in order that souls of the died humans be located in this world, Aman created the world's tree - tree of life on the earth. Linking the roots of this tree with humans and animals he named the top of tree as spirits world.


In this way Aman fixed the souls of all humans with his world. This paradisiacal tree was mentioned in the book "Being". The space sizes are ascribed to it in Talmud: in order to go around it the 500 years are needed. According to Judaic legends son of Adam, Sif came to gate of paradise, received from angels branch of paradise's tree. Planted to earth it grew and became sumptuous tree, from which the magic club was carved, and by the help of this club Moses was creating his miracles. According to apocrific "Gospel of Nicodim" Sif along with magic branch received assurance, that after 5500 years son of God should be born. (36).


The abovesaid subject is changed in the late writings. Sif managed for awhile to enter to paradise, where he saw the tree of life, which was so great that it top reached sky. Son of Adam saw child there (i.e. Christ, who should be born after 5500 years), and looking under roots he saw very deep nether regions. Having been received from angels three seeds of this phantastic plant, Sif according to their order, upon return from paradise put the seeds to the mouth of his died father Adam. Cedar, cypress and palm grew from them, from which then the gross of saviour was built. The similar link of cross with paradise's tree is described in the Ethiopian work known by name "Thirteen crosses sufferings".


The apocryphal "The deeds of apostol Andrew" expressed following in honour of gross: "You are spreaden to right and to left and rejecting dark forces and collecting the scattered things. You are fixed on the earth and links the earth's things with sky's one. Oh cross, planted in the earth and giving fruits in the sky". (37).


In this way we can state, that the fruitful tree, giving fruits according to its sort, seeds of wich are on the earth is a paradise tree - tree of life. The souls of died people, lifting up by the trunk of this tree are found themself in the world of spirits and living there forever as a fruit of this tree. But from another side this tree is God Osiris (Oziri), which is created from enliving energy.


As a result, Aman created son of sky and earth - Osiris (Oziri). And seen that tree, created by himself is existing as he suggested, he became very glad.


13. It was evening and it was morning: the third day.


Here Aman finished the third cycle of creation. It was the third miracle of the world.


14. And God said: let be existed solid things in the sky in order to separate days from nights, for dates, for time, and for days and years.


15. And let they be illuminators in the solid things of the sky so that to shine to earth. And it became so.


One of mythes about appearance of great sun in the image of Phoenix had occurred in Heliopole, centre of Atum's cult, which afterwards combined with sun's God Ra. In another text, God Ra is playing the role of builder, which gives the various forms to the inert and still matter. He creates the semiround firmament. He creates seas and mountains, and in this way divides and forms the major elements of nature (38). The more clear information about luminary, which is born to separate days from nights and so on we can find in the works of Platon. He informed, that: "Because he intended to create some moved analog of eternity; creating sky, he along with it create sole, eternal image, which is moving from number to number, which called by us as time. There are not days and nights, monthes and years up to the birth of sky and He organized occurrence of them after creation of the sky. And in order that time was born from mind and thoughts of God, Sun, Moon and other 5 illuminators were occurred in order to determine and to control the numbers of the time.


Creating their bodies one after another, God located them in the seven circles, where the motions on the circle were realized: Moon - along circle, most nearer to the Earth, sun - along second circle near to the Earth and so on. After the moment, when all these (stars), assigned to take part in the formation of time, received proper motions. When they, being bodies linked by life ties, became live creatures and understood the deal assigned them, they begin to move along another circle, which is crossing the motion of identical and subordinated to it; some of them were moving along big circles and anothers along lower circles and so on (Platon, "Timey", 38 CE).


16. And God created two great luminaries: bigger luminary to control day and lower luminary to control night and stars;


17. And God located them in the solid thing of the sky, in order to shine to earth.


18. And to control day and night and to separate the light from Darkness. And God saw, that it is good.


After creation by Aman of himself in the image of sun Ra in the sky to control both worlds up to Trial day, he also creates messiah - the lower luminary to control after trials day and ascribed their eternity to the stars. This does mean that, if the first is Adam, this is bigger luminator, in that case second Adam, who should come in trials day is lower luminary. The following is stressed in the work "Message to Corinphyanians" (15:45,47): "The first man Adam became the sole, which is living, but last Adam is the spirit, which can liven". "The first man is from earth, from finger; second man is God from the sky".


 It should be noted, that Christians conception, according which Christ is "second Adam" is clearly see in the New Testament. In "Tenets of Siluan" Christ is called as sun and light: "Live with Christ and he will rescue you, because he is very light and sun of life. Because he appeared as sun in order to give to the eyes of the flesh, and Christ educating each mind and heart by this manner" (P.C. 98.25 - 30). The image of Christ-Sun is also met to Origen: "Rescuer, being "the light of the world" (MF. 5:14), is educating no bodies, but bodyless mind, in order that each of us being enlightened by sun can see other things, which could be appehended by mind". (39). It does mean, that Christ is called sun because only he can apprehend the wisdom of God.


One of ancient egyptian anthems said: "There is not other, which perceived himself, besides your (tsar'r) son… you give to your son yours intentions and power" (40). We can conclude, that two great luminaries are first and last Adam.


This thought is expressed in the psalm, (139.[Rus: 138]:5), which said: «He created me from back and in front. From back (then) - is last day, and in front (before) - is first day" (41). As a result, we came to the conclusion, that God created Messiah at the same time when he created sky and earth. The second detachment of light from darkness does mean, that in the trial day God will repeat the flood and reorganize the world. And seen that mechanism created by himself is working, God become glad.


19. It was evening, and it was morning: the fourth day.


Aman doing it finished the fourth cycle of creation. This was the fourth miracle of the world.


20. And God said: Let water creates reptiles, the live soul; Let birds be flying over earth on solid things of the sky.


 After the creation of sky and earth by Aman, the latter linked this sky world with earth using the life tree. It does mean, that spirit of the died man is just appeared in the world of spirits, which situated in the top of this paradise tree. But in order that souls of humans be more perfect and could move well in this world, Aman linked these souls with the souls of birds and snakes. As we know, snake differs from other animals by this feature, that it knows future. It does mean, that its soul can moves in the platonian matter quickly, than the souls of other animals. The soul of eagle is soaring in the sky. As a result, in order that the human's soul can see future in that world, Aman provided them with feature of snake's soul. And in order that they can move freely, Aman provided them with features of eagle's soul. By this cause, sacrificing by snake and eagle under the tree of life, he connected their souls to Osiris (Oziri).


21. And God created the big fishes and any souls of animals, reptiles, which created by water, according to their sort and any bird according to its origin. And God saw, that it is good.


We should note, that water in the one of egyptian texts was the incarnation of Osiris. This text stated, that Nil is originated from the hands of Osiris and its water is a sweat of this God (42). This does mean, that creating the soul of animals in the body of Osiris, Aman modified its quality.


 Platon coded this theme as followed: «[The space] up to appearance of time in all features expressed similarity with one, which was expressed by it, with the exeption of one moment: yet it doesn't contain all live creatures, which should be born in it, and by this cause it doesn't accord to eternal nature. But God decided to compensate this shortage minting it according to the nature of origin. He decided necessary to realize the number of sorts in the space as much as mind consider its number and types in the live creature. The total number of them is four: first of them - the sky origin of Gods, second - feathery, origin floating in the air, third - of water, fourth - the pedestrian and long origin. The idea of divine origin is formed mainly from fire by God, in order that it expressed the highest shine and beauty and God created it perfectly round, identifying it to the universe and located it among supreme understanding of the best and ordered to this latter to chase it; at the same time he distributed this origin along all sky, ornamenting all sky and creating actual space. He gave two motions to each God: firstly, uniform motion in the same place, in order that they think identically ever, and secondly, forward motion, in order that they were subordinated to the circular motion of identical and similar. But other five motions are not given to them and make this origin still and without motion, so that each God was, as it possible, perfect (Platon «Timey» 40B).


 In order that to have better imagination about abovesaid let address to document, found in the sarcophagus of high priest Paynodjem II:  «Amon-Ra, Tsar of Gods, which is eternal, said: «I issue my sacred decree about idolization of Paynodjem, son of Iset-em-heb, my servant in the underworld… I shall let his soul to be out. I shall let it to enter according to his soul's desire, without late. I shall let it to fly everywhere; I shall let it to go where it wishes. I shall let it to swim along all ways and in any time according to its desire, and nobody can return it back». (43).


As we see, Aman created souls in the underworld using features of animals' souls, gave the possibility to move differently in the world of spirits to the souls of died men. And God, seen, that one, which created by him exists, and lives, become glad.


22. And God blessed them, having told: Propagate and multiply themselves and fill the water in the seas, and birds should be multiplied on the earth.


 Aman creating the perfect creature in the world of spirits and giving them the feature of said animals, gaved them ability to move on the sky. But the most incredible is that Aman gaved them ability to bear. It does mean, that when human is born, together with this birth, the double of this human is born in the sky. And after death of this human, his or her spirit lifted by the trunk of world's tree joined to its double and reached the immortality.


In «Fedon» Platon wrote: «There are also men among live creatures, which inhabited in the both: some of them lives in the depth of land, others - on the edge of air, as we settled on the see shore, thirds - on the islands, washed by air, not far from mainland… In a few words, air is needed for them as much as water, sea are needed for us, air life and ether is needed for them as much as air is needed for us. Sultriness and coolness are combined for them in such proportion, that these people never be ill and live much more longer than us. Their vision, hearing and mind and all other abilities differ from our ones as much as air differ from water by its cleaness or ether differs from air. They have temples, and sacred groves of Gods and Gods actually inhabited in this sacred places and contacted by people using signs, transfers over ether; visions. And people see sun, moon and stars, as they are in real world. And result of all these is complete blessing» (Platon «Fedon» III. BC.).


23. It was evening and it was morning: fifth day.


Thus God finished fifth cycle of his creation. And it was fifth miracle of the world.


 24. And God said: Let earth creates the live soul for cattle, all snakes and animals of the earth, according to the origin of them. And this became the reality.


 25. And God created the animals of the earth, cattle and all snakes according to their origin and God saw, that it is good.


 Aman continueing to modify world, created by him, named it as sky cow. The imagination of the sky as a cow is met in the many texts. Naming in so way and linking the sky with cow, he named himself as «calf of her mother», «beautiful calf of Enneada» (nine of Gods) and so on.


 Using some features of souls of some animals and insects, including locusts, beetles and so on,. Aman provides the created by him creature with these features.


Platon coded this theme in this way: «Let us identify the soul of winged horses and driver, which combined by the force of tension in the relay. The horses and drivers of the Gods are noble and born from noble ancestors, but for others they are not same. First of all couch is drived by man, which is leading us and furthermore, his horses - one of them is beautiful, noble and born from the same noble horses, and second - completely differ from first one and born from other horses». (246 B).


In this way, we can say, that using souls of various animals, god modified creatures created by him. And God saw that creature created by him lived and existed, and became glad.


 26. And God said: let us create man according to the our image and similar to us and let him to guide on sea's fishes, sky's birds and cattle and on all earth on all snakes, reptiles on the earth.


 In order to decipher this point, we should know exactly, what human is discussed. By this cause we should appeal to the facts. R. Eahuda speaks on behalf of Rova: «The first man was so great, that covered both edges of the wold… When he was fault, God put his hand to the first man and lowered him» (44). According to Phylon, at the beginning, God created «the man as a sort», which was two-sexual, and only then created Adam (45). Khoshayee noted, that when God created the first man, angels of service were making mistakes and trying to call him as Holy (46). From another side, according to some gnostical systems, Gods, especially the Supreme Goddes have the names as «Perfect man», «First man», «The man of light» and so on (47). In this way we come to conclusion, that under the word «man» these texts mean not mortal man, but first divine being. Erinay wrote: «After creation of world by him (demiurg), he also created the human being, using as a basis not dry soil, but invisible matter, current and variable matter, and it was decided that man having soul should be located in it. And he was created according image and similarity. On image - he is human being, created from matter, near but not identical to God. But on similarity - with soul» (48).


It does mean, that first man is created not by Amon, but his double, his shadow: the second pair of hands - Ka. After detaching of his own double - Ka from himself, Aman was imitated by Ka and Ka imitated the hands of Aman, and created the first man from platon's matter. It does mean, that Aman creating the human being on the earth, on the potter's wheel, from clay, ordered to his double Ka, that he also, similar to Aman should took the invisible energy from sky's matter and created human being from them.


Platon wrote about it in «Timey»: «Realizing the birth of Gods, the creator of universe appeared to them by such speech: «Gods of Gods! I am your demiurg and father of all things, all things appeared from me will be non-destructable, because it accords to my will. Now listen to me, and see what my word will teach you. Up to day yet there are three non-born origin, and because that they didn't appeared, sky will not receive full completing: because it will not contain of all sorts of live creatures, but it is necessary for it in order to be sufficiently completed. But if these creatures will appeared and received the life from me, they will be equal to Gods. As a result, in order that they would be mortal and universe would be all, you should appeal, according to your nature, to the creation of live creatures, simulating my potency, via which your own appearance was realized. By the way, as it should be, in order that they contain of something immortal, called as divine [origin], and in order that he leads all, who will guided by fair and justice forever and by his own will, I give you seeds and rudiments of creation; but in all other sides of this case you should complete creation of the life creatures yourselves, combining the mortals with the immortals, and then prepare positions for them, feed and grow them, and after death accept them back («Timey», 41, BDC).


As we can see , the platonian First man is live space, which created from matter and covers all earth. S.G.Huk, investigating the mythes of various peoples, noted, that ancient Jewish word, which in origin does mean «made», «created», differs from according word in «Priest's code» (1;27), but it is word, which is used in the description of potters activity. In various Mesopotamia's mythes about creation, the creation of man is described as magic act, by the help of which some gods, come to the mutual decision, created the human from clay, in order that he would serve to gods. In Babilonian epos about creation god Marduk after his victory over monster Tiamat creates the human from cley, mixed with blood of god Kingy. The imagination about creation of the human, as an act of divine potter also existed in the Egyptian myth, where god Khnum is depicted as creating the first man and woman in the potter circle (49).And god Pa is creating the god Ka in the potter circle (50).s code


According to the Greek writing, sage Prometey shaped the first humans from clay in the fokid city Panopey (51). We can draw the conclusion from abovesaid, that Aman, creating the space's first human, sacrificed the various animals and used their souls for this purpose. As a result, Aman created live space's creature, to which the earth's and sky's worlds are subordinated.


 27. And god created man according to the his image, created man according to the image of god; created the man and woman.


Creation of man by god «according to the his image» does mean, that god created man on image of Aman, live man. And «according to the image of god» does mean, that he created man on image of his double Ka, which contains of the platonian matter. Creating the first man, Aman named him as man, because he contains mainly of identical. Aman named his own soul as Isida, because she was considered as female initial energy.


In should be noted, that creation of Universe in the image of human is met in the Vedas. The more important of them, «Rigveda» contains famous «Anthem for Purusha», which narrates, that sometimes gods sacrificed man and created from him the giant initial man Purusha. Another writing narrates that head of Atman is sky, eye-sun, breeth-wind, body-space, bladder-water, feets-earth and so on (52).


 28. And god blessed them, and god told them: propagate and multiply yourselves, and fill the earth and possess it, and be ruler of sea's fishes, and sky's birds and of all animals, insects on the earth.


 Ovidey wrote following about birth of first man in the «Metamorphosis»:


 «And human is born. Created from the divine essence

 He was the creator of the universe, initiator of the best world

 Or young earth just detached from ether

 Kept the semen of native sky?

 Off spring of Yapet, mixing it with water of river,

 Made the one, like to gods, which guided over all.

 And by the way, animals before leaning to the earth

 Are looking. The high face is given to human by him and

 Ordered to look at sky, lifting eyes to the constellations

 In this way Earth, which resently was rough and faceless

 Transformed and received non-existed in past of the people.(78-89)


 Deciphering any text of ancient literature, we can draw the conclusion, that the first man-Adam, was mighty god, which was ruler of both worlds. In the Book "Existance" it is written clearly, that when Eva bore Kain, she said: "I receive man from god". It can be surely stated, that initial man Adam is god, which created all: the sky's world with its all creatures and modified the physical world and subordinated it. In this way, the initial human Adam is Aman, which resubordinated all visible and invisible creatures to himself by his own mind and Wisdom and begin to exist as god. Then he gave initial human the ability to bear creatures similar to human. If the sky's soul with its own features of snake and bird is given to all people in order that they can exist in the spirits world after death, so the soul of Adam, which can effect to any thing and to all nature at whole, is given only to direct descendants of Adam-people of Oziri/Osiris, Israel, because the instrument, by which the world is made, is given to them: still more love is expressed for them by the fact, that they perceived, that they are given instrument, by which world was created (53).


 29. And god said: I gave you any grass, giving seeds, which there are in the all earth and any tree, which has fruit giving seeds,- these will be your food;


 In order that to understand this part, let us appeal to one of ancient Egyptian texts: «He is going to contemplate father of his Osiris. The way is opened for him by kherykheb ( priest, which uttered the magic formulas) and he greets the ruler of spirits. He is going to the great lake inside «the fields of gifts», where great gods inhabitted; these great gods are non - destructable stars. They give him this tree of life, from which they existed, from which you also existed. You take it with oneself to you great field …» (54). We should note, that Noot is giving water and food from crown of the world tree in the one of pictures. As a result the thought of God could be formulated as followed: «Here I am giving you the tree of the life for existance in the world of spirits. You will live on this tree due to life energy, which is fruit of life's tree. All female initial energy will be your feed.


 30. I gave all green grass as a food to all earth's animals and sky's birds, and to every insect on the earth, the soul of which is live. And it became so.


 One ancient egyptian text, narrating about creation, speak about, that mankind was created by the image of God. Here the kindness of God - Creator is stressed, which is taking care about human beings; «He kept his humans - his gods. He created sky and earth for sake of them he formed the chaos of water, he created air in order that to breeth with it. They are similar to him, went out from his body. He ascends to sky for sake of them. He created grass, cattle, birds, fishes in order to feed them. He killed all his enemies and even his children, when they intended to up- rise against him. (55).


It does mean that souls of all animals, birds and reptiles (which are female initial energy) is given by God to the souls of human as energy.


 31. And God saw, that all, which created by him is very good. It was evening and it was morning: the sixth day.


 Looking at spirit's world, Aman saw, that all which created by him is perfect, and fitted without shortages. And Aman finished the sixth cycle of creation. And it was the sixth miracle of the world.


 II. 1. Sky and earth and their host are created in this way.


Having finished the sixth cycle of creation, Amon modified completely the sky and earth. The ideal live organism - space was created in this way. Amon identified the sky's earth accurately to the physical earth, in order that there was not any superfluous and all be similar to the natural creation, born with nature.


Aman's fellow - tribesmen were helping to him to play exeptional role in the creation of such great organism. This help, particularily descibed in the interpretation of folowing verse «Let us to make the human» by Legy: «Iekhoshua from Sekhnin said on behalf of Levy: «He (God) consulted with souls of just men, as it is written: «They are potters (creators), living among gardens and plants; at the time of Tsar, for his works, they lived there» (1. Chronikle 4:23), «At the time of Tsar, for his works, they lived there» - (it does mean») At the time of Tsar, over tsar of tsars, at the time of God, the souls of the just men were living and He consulted by them, creating world» (Bereshit Rabba 8,7 C.61).


 2. And God by seventh day completed His works, which were done by him and rested from all works, which were done.


 3. And God blessed the seventh day and consecrated it, because He rested from all His works, which were done by God.


Aman completed the creation of world, passes to the final stage of the creation. The final stage of creation is seventh miracle of the world.


We already mentioned, that Aman created luminary in the sky. His second pair of hands - Ka, which being His shadow, repeated the creations of Aman. Aman together with Him created all. The creation of this luminary by Aman is described in the various sources; in one of them, the syrian prince is saying to egyptian ambassador: «You are right: Amon created all countries and provided them. First of all He gifted Egypt from which you arrived. The perfection went out from it, in order that to come near to the place, where I am situating, and knowledge went out from it, in order that to reach the country, where I am inhabiting" (56). In the Indian mythology, it is also said, that Pradjapaty created the luminary in the sky, and he hope to join it after death (Ш. Бч. II,I. 8.6.:II, 2. 2.6. Passim).


As a result, Aman died physically in the seventh cycle, in order that his spirit, lifted to the sky, would be joined with luminary created by himself. The ancient egyptian text described one of days dedicated to Osiris as followed: it was day of joy and gladness of Gods and people, earth and sky", because "God rested in the excellent coffin" in order that "then to get up and fly up to the sky under the guise of bird Phoenix" (57). It should be noted, that description of creative activity of Ptah ended by words: "As a result, Ptah rested after all, done by Himself" (58). All these mean that the seventh miracle of the world is that Aman receive immortality firstly in the Universe and by this He created new type of creatures, which were invisible, but could effect to the natural world.


 Adam and Eva in the Eden garden


 4. This is creation of the sky and earth, decription of the time when these was created by God


 5. And every field bushes, yet did not exist on the earth, every field grass, yet did not grow because rain was not sent to the earth by God and there was no human to cultivate the land.


 When Aman rested, the sky world was empty, because it was just created. Yet the souls of animals and people did not inhabited the desert world of spirits and solid sky. Only body of first man was created in the form of human, sky cow, and in the form of world's tree and so on. But mind - soul of Aman, guided this world yet doesn't take the place allotted to him.


 6. But vapour was rising from the earth and irrigated all face of the earth.


 When Aman rested, his spirit rose from the earth in the form of vapour and took his own place in the sky's earth. The face of the sky's earth is the face of Initial human. In this way, the spirit of Aman joined with sun: with sky double Ka - his own creature.


 7. And God created the human from the earth's dust and blowed to his face the breeth of life and human became the soul of life.


 The spirit of Aman, gone out from his natural body, i.e. after his death, is named as Isida. Then the spirit of Aman: Isida, risen to sky, joined with initial man - Atum (Adam) - Oziri (Osiris), which was created by himself. Joined with Atum (Adam), Isida gave him the breeth of life and the live soul - God Gor (Greek - "Qurios") - The initial Adam was born.


And immortal spirit - Great God was appeared from earth, mortal man. This phenomen is described in the "Tale of Sinukhet: "In the year of thirteenth, in third month of inundation, on seventh day God rose to his sky hall (the sky dwelling of solar God), tsar of High and Low Egypt Sekhotepibre rose to sky and joined with solar disc and divine flesh combined with one, which created him. Capital was calm, hearts mourned, the Great double gates was closed and countries were sitting down, tilting head to knee and people was moaning" (1).


 8. And God created paradise in Eden in the East and located there human, which was created by himself.


Having created "the Promised Land" and passed there, God began to equip it with amenities. By this reason his descendants and fellow - cotribals on the earth performed the magic rituals: using word, deed and sacrifices they created flora.


One of ancient indian text said: "Gods said: How we can receive these joys from one, identical to us? They rise up the essence of water: it became grasses and trees: it became fruit… feed… semen… man".  ( Kaushitaki of Brakhman 2.7). According to belief of ancient egyptian, Nil is linked by God of fertility, which produced grass, trees, cereals and grape. At the same time he is soil, which feeds shoots (2). We can see on the ancient Egyptian pictures how mythical tree grows over all coffin of Osiris, covering it with its roods and branches. Moreover, Osiris himself is frequantly identified by tree, on which the dead's souls were inhabiting.


 In order that to get more clear imagination, let us once again appeal to Platon, which informed in "Phedon", that "the earth, (directly under sky), if to look at it from the top, is similar to ball, sewn from 12 parts lether and painted by various colours. Paints used by our painters could be examples of these colours, but all earth there illuminated by such colours, which are much more bright and clean than abovesaid ones. In the one place it is purple and strangely beautiful, in another place it is golden, in third - white, more whiter than snow and alabaster; and other colours, from which it contained of, are same, but in more number and they more beautiful than we see here… . It and identicals to it are so, trees and flowers grows, the fruits are maturing, and mountains are located according to its similarity, and stones - they are smooth, transparent and have beautiful colour. Their fractures are same little pebbles, which are highly assessed here by us: our cornelians, and juspers, and smaragds and all similar stones. But any stone there is similar to abovesaid one or much more better. The cause is that those stones are pure, not corrugated and not damaged - in differ of our stones, which corrugated by rot and salt of ether sediments, which are collected in our hollows: they deliveried deformity and illness to stones and soil, to animals and plants. The real soil is ornamented with these all beauties and also with gold and silver and other precious metals. They lie uncovered, scattered everywhere, abundantly and everyone is happy if this scene is open for him or her". (Platon, "Phedon" II0. CDE).


It is described in the book "Result" that, during forty year wandering of jews in the desert, in the way leading to "the Promised Land", their leader Moses had met with God. Meeting was taken place in the top of the mountain Sinay, which at this moment was encircled by shining illumination of sky flame, which was accompanied by fearful crash. The Bible texts are giving all grounds to state, that paradise was situated at the mountain. It is stressed in the book of Isaiah, that Yakhve, creates Eden in the desert using his might (41, 19:51.3). At the same time paradise and also hell, are situated in the world of spirits, where the souls of deads are receiving the immortality.


The ancient jewish place of dwelling of deads Sheol is closely linked with Irkala of Babilonian - assyrian religion, which is darky underground shelter, contained of seven circles, cave, underground cavity, abyss. In Greek Bible of the "seventy interpreters" Sheol is named as Gades, and by coptian interpreters it is transferred by egyptian word "Amenty", but Wulgata translated it by the word "underworld" (3). All these mean, that Eden was transformed to the paradise after location of human in Eden by God. We can surely say, that he transformed this sky world to paradise.


 9. And God grows on the earth any tree, which has good appearance and best for food, and tree of life in the centre of paradise, and tree of cognition of kindness and evil.


 Having received the new body of initial man, Adam, the spirit of Aman begins to exist as completely independent creature, which doesn't depend on anyone. He, as invisible and sacred God became the ruler of thrones of two lands; firstly, as ruler of both worlds, God Aman begin to modify the invisible tree of life. Because this tree gave to sky world souls of died animals - food of Gods. From another side, the souls of died people were rising to the world of spirits by the trunk of this world tree and were receiving immortality there.


 And God conclude the agreement with his desendants, where the criteria of kindness and evil were determined. And human was obliged to fulfil this agreement. Because, God knows better that what is kindness and what is evil.


 10. The river for irrigation of paradise flows from Eden; and then it was divided to four rivers.


The heaven's Nil was considered under the word "river" in ancient Egypt. One egyptian said, appealing to God, as it is described in one text: "You created Nil in underworld and get out it to earth according to your desire, in order that to prolongate the life of people, - similar to how you gifted them life, creating them" (4).


The souls of died men and animals rising by the trunk of tree of life, were reaching the world of spirits. According to another source, the paradise was situating in the body of heaven's bull, which was staying on the earth.


All these mean, that world tree was fulfilling four functions.


 11. The name of one is Fison: It cover all land of Haliva, where gold exists;


 12. And gold of that land is good; there are bdolakh and onyx.


Along the river Fison, along the trunk of tree of wisdom, the souls of the just men rising to paradise, were reaching Halida, ancient egyption Gaba El. The souls of just men are accepting eternity in this world and this eternity is similar to gold. The throne of ruler of both worlds is there. It does mean, that the first function of the tree is way to the world of Gods.


 13. The name of the second river is Gikhon: it covers all land of Kush.


The second function is providing of both worlds with life energy, the carrier of which is souls of animals.


 14. The name of the third river is Hiddekel: if flows before Assyria. The fourth river is Evfrat.


The third function is that the souls of animals, rising to the top gives energy to immortal Gods. And fourth function is energy for ruler of both words. It should be noted, that toponymy examples Havila, Kush and Assyria have double meaning and they belong to the both words.


 15. And God settled human in the Eden garden in order that he cultivated and kept it.


In order to specify the location of Eden garden let us appeal to facts. It is stressed in "Talmud", that Adam is created from the soil of the territory, where Noah built altar just after he went out of Ark; where the altar was situated, at which Kain and Abel sacrificed; where Abraham binds Isaac (5). And Noah came to one peak of Caucasus mountain: Ararat, and this fact promts us that from which soil Adam was created. From another side Prometey also was chained among Caucasus mountains and according to Greek writing he sculptured first humans from clay in the Fokid city Panomeya. And Heracle came near to the gates of underground world and freed him. The underground world is situated in Kadussiya (Gades) according to Homer. Kadussiya is territory in Midia. It should be noted, that name Prometey contains of two words, according to ancient egyptian linguistics's rules: Pir + Maday, and does mean: "Pharaon Maday". The word Maday, according to the same rules, means Eden. From another side, the people of Maday in the "Table of Peoples" originated from Iafet, son of Noah. And Prometey is son of Yapet - God Ptah.


All these mean that the word Eden does mean Midia.


As it is described in Babilonian myth, Utnapishtim waked his ship at the mountain Niziz, i.e. at the Nazarey mountain. And Noah of ellins - Devcalion acustomed to Parnas, - this toponym should be intepreted by the help of words "Pir" and "Sion", which mean together "the spirit of pharaon".


It is informed in the Bible, that Jews were resettled by assyrians to midian cities (4th book of reigns, 17:6). But in "Tora" Moses resettle his people to Kades - Warny, to the "Promised land". We come to the conclusion, that (similar to the Greek mythes) way to Eden's paradise also passes through "gate" in Kadussiya.


As a result, we specfied, that paradise and Eden garden are situated in Midia, at the mountain Moria/Marov at the land of Kaduses. The country of Kaduses is reminded in the ancient egyptian texts in the form of "Kadesh". The conquest of Kadesh by pharaos was favourite theme of ancient writers.


Almost all ancient sources informs about dwelling of numerous tribes of Kadusians in the north-east of Atropatena (Midia). Polibiy, Tit Liviy, Pompey Trog, Kurtsiy Roof and others wrote about them. Strabon referenced to Patrocle - ruler of caspian regions upon Selevka Nikator and informs, that during his time period Caspian coast was called as "coast of albanian and kadusians" (XI, 6.1). He specifies there, that the «big part of coastial territory of this mountainous country was possessed by Kadusians, and this territory reaches about 5 thousands stadies". (XI, 7,1). And up to A.D. X century Armenian authors named the population of Atropatene mar, i.e. midians (born as snake). The Bible sources specially noted the marriage link between leader of Israely tribes Moses and midianites (6). We can draw conclusion from all abovesaid, that Eden garden is land of midian Magians, and jewish holies Kades - Kadoshs.


At present time same Kades - Varny /Var - Kades at the same territory is main living place of holies - pirs, mars/mirs. Pir Dodan/Dodon - sacred object of delphiyan oracles, klar/Gilar - temple and sacred grove of Greek God Apollo, motherland of Priam - Priembel and other sacred lands, such as Astarta/Astara, abderda, Vilus/Vilash, Separola/Separady, Zavulon/Savalan, Miken/Mukan, Nisa, Delos/Talish and so on. Also here , at the territory of Atropatena: in Taraime the heros of Troya was living, because this land Niftaly - El Nifaty/Napat is real motherland of Amon Napatian. Because at the ancient times this country is called Alpana/Panuel, where Jakov "fights" with God Oziri and he named the people of Jakov Israel/Azerael, people of God Oziri.


We should note, that word El meaned at the ancient times as God and also his people. After the creation of spirit's world in the sky by Aman, the souls of dead men began to gather in the space body of Adam. And people of Aman appeared there. In this meaning the inital man Adam was considered as incarnation of Adam's people. By this cause the following is described in the book "Existance": "Abraham had died and applied to his people" (Existance 25.8). The places Iakovel and Iosifel are mentioned in the egyptian sources, which located in the middle and in the second part of II millenium B.C.,near the centre of Palestine (7). It does mean, that peoples, living in this territory, are descendants of Jakov and Josef.


As a result, we can draw the conclusion, that initial man Adam - space creature, made at the land Kaduses. Because the word Kadus - Gades means in the Greek mythology the entry to hell. If it is correct, so it does mean that paradise and Eden garden are different places. Under the word paradise we imply the heaven body of Adam. But Eden garden is territory of Kaduses, where the entry to the hell is situated. Consequently, the Eden paradise is situated in the heaven, in the top of world tree, but the Eden garden is situated in the roots of this tree; where the entry to upper Kadusia a situated: in the top of world tree. People and sacrificial animals, appeared to the world after Aman, are born being linked with roots of world tree. And when they died, their souls are rising along the trunk of this tree to paradise and after trials are accepting the honoured and eternal blessed life.


All abovesaid lead us to thought, that "hub of the universe" is place, where Adam was born, and this place is situated in the "promised land": in Kades-Varny. Having settled of Adam in the "Promised land", God created the cycle of transformations in order that to keep the divine soul.


 16. And God ordered for human saying: you would eat fruits of each tree in the garden.


 17. But do not eat the fruit of tree of kindness and evil cognition; you should die on the day, when you will eat the fruit of this tree.


God created laws to keep the ability to live of created organism. According to these laws, human has access to all with the exeption of little, which was specfied by prohibition. These prohibitions were dictated by space wisdom. The violation of these laws and prohibitions, which duplicates the laws and prohibitions of Universe, would be resulted by destruction of spirit's world. As a result people in this world will live as initial men, because they will lose Supreme Mind - divine soul, and when they will die, their souls will break-up, as it was up to creation of world.


 18. And God said: Human should not he sole; Let to create for him assistant, according to him.


Here it is noted, that according to the viewpoint of Creator, the allmighty creature should not be sole and without contacts with his descendants.


 19. God created all field animals and heaven birds from soil and deliver them to human, in order that to know, How He will name them, and in order that any live would be named as it is determined by human.


God links the souls of animals and birds with Initial man. It does mean, that after this moment all animals and features of their soul begin to serve for Adam, according to their destination.


God links the souls of animals and birds with Initial man. It does mean, that after this moment all animals and features of their soul begin to serve for Adam, according to their destination.


 20. And human named all animals and birds and all field's creatures; but human cannot find assistant, similar to him

 s creatures; but human cannot find assistant, similar to him


Having formed the souls of animals as parts of his soul and binding them with nature, God modified his space body up to ideal. But this space Adam was sole in Universe. And immortal God still cannot contact his descendants.


 21. And God initiated the firm sleep of Human; and when He sleeps, God takes one of his rib and covers this place by flesh.


The following is described in the well-known papyrus «Teaching of Tsar Merikar» kept in the State Hermitage: «He (God) created the magic (as) arm for them (for people), in order to overcome the strike of phenomena, (and also) dreams in the day and night» (8). To understand this text, let us consider the following text, written by Platon: «Gods constructed the type of liver and formed in it the prophecy … This fact that God provided the human mind with ability to prophecy, can be proved unconditionally: nobody being in mind, share the God's and actual prophecy, but only when the thinking ability is linked by sleep, illnes or any attack of obsessed condition. In contrary, the function of human, the mind of which is not damaged is to remember and to restore all, which was said this prophetic and inspired nature, to divine all dreams by the help of thought and to understand, what they do mean – evil or kindness – and if they belong to future, past or to present time. But one, who became mad and is still in the condition of folly, cannot think about his own visions and speachs!… And tradition is occurred according which all inspired by God prophecies should be cosidered by commentators assigned to this tribe; these commentators themselves were called as prophets, but this was mistake, because they only decipher the mysterious speachs and signs and in no way can be fairly named as prophets; but they are commentators of prophets. (Platon, «Timey» 71 E. 72 B).


From all abovesaid we can draw the direct conclusion, that all ancient sages and prophets was describing not their own thoughts, but those, which were dictated him by holy spirit. Because nobody can know, that how God makes the heaven world, as it was stated by Platon, Phylon and others. All ancient wisdom, science are based on activity of one man. And only he knew, how the solar system was looked, what is matter and so on. And only he transfers his knowledge via sages and commentators.


But such «sages» appeared gradually, which desired to understand the essence of all things and at the same time began to add to the true science mistaken thought. This led to lost of the truth.


In this, we make it clear, that all ancient wisdom is linked with God. In order to keep link with descendants and to guide on them, God liinked the liver of human with head of Adam. Afterwards he transfers information during sleep [dreems].


Besides, God takes the little part of Adam's energy, which called in the Bible as «rib» (this «rib» is «golden branch» of worlds tree( and covers the :wound» with platonian matter.


 22. And God created wife, from the rib, taken from man, and bring her to man.


Taken the part of life energy from the heart of Adam, God gives it to his descendants. As a result, the descendants of God on the earth became allmighty Gods as Adam.


There is sixth work «Interpretation about soul», among manuscripts of the library, found in Nag Hammady. It begin by words: «The sages, which lived before as, named the soul by female name. And actually, it is female by nature, and even possesses its own womb. Untill she was sole and lived with her father, she was virgin and had the outlook of androgin, but when she fell to body and entered to this world, she appeared in the hands of numerous robbers; and these insolents transfer her each other and [defiled] her. Some of them used her by force, others convinced her using gift to lie. In few words they defiled her. She lost her virginity and began lecher with her body and surrendered herself to each, thinking about everybody connected with her, that he is her husband…» (9)


The another text from same Nag Hammady: in «The Teaching of Siluan» declares, that: «You should know, that origins: from earth, from formed and from created. The body originated from earth, from divine thought for the sake of soul. And created – is mind, which originated according to the image of God. The divine mind has essence from divine being. And soul – is one, which formed by divine mind in their own hearts. Because I think, that she is wife of one who originated according to the image.» (10).


In this way, God gave to his descendants the part of his own soul and they became similar to him.


 23. And human said: this bone belongs to my bones, and this flesh belongs to my flesh; she will be named wife, because is taken from husband.


After the moment, when God gave the divine soul to his descendancts, He begins to modify their bodies. In order that human was wise and thinking, God added the new parts of cerebral cortex to instinctive cerebral cortex and strengthened the skull. Platon wrote: «He build the bone in such a manner. Selected by sieving the pure and smooth soil He mixed it and humidify by brain; then plunged it to water, then again to fire and again to water. Strengthening it in this way he made it non-destructable for that and for another» (Timey» 73 E). Besides, God modified organism of his descendants and made then tall longlivers.


In this way God, created wife for himself, provided all his descendant with divine forces. They accepted upon the birth the same abilities as of Father, including immortality. Platon noted in «Pir»: «All people are pregnant both bodily and spiritually, and when they reach the known age our nature demands the solution of pregnancy. And it could be settled only on the beautiful ground, but not on the disgracful one. Conjugation of man and woman is such settlement. But this is divine act, because conseption and birth are appearing of immortal basis in the mortal creature» («Pir» 206 C). from all abovesaid we can draw the conclusion, that modified his descendants, God created them similar to himself. And in order to give them the life energy, God named them his wife.


A.M. Khazanov noted, that information of the ancient tradition about scythians is devoted almost exceptionally to enarays. Enarays are similar to women. Corporation of enarays had hereditary character. The similar to women features of enarays, clearly linked by demands of religian cult, also was transferred to their descendants. Enarays were originated from aristocratic layer of sociaty, may be even from layer, which is more near to tsar's house. Pseudo – Hippocrat noted, that «enarays are Scythian wealthy men, but not of very low origin, in contrary, very noble and possessing the biggest power». Enarays possessed the sygnificant influence and prestige in Scythian sociaty. Psendo – Hippocrat explains it that «the reason of this phenomenon is ascribed by natives to divine being, and because they esteem such people and worship to them, while each of natives fears for himself». The similar esteem was possessed by midian magians and knee named as Levita (only representatives of this tribe could be priests!) in ancient Israel. The comparison of enarays of Herodot, anariaks of Strabon, Ptolemey's sanoreys, inhabiting in the coast of Caspian Sea and anorays, located near Albania lead us to the proper conclution, that all these tribes were inhabiting in the same region (11).


 24. By this cause man will leave his father and mother and join to his wife; and these two would be sole flesh.


Having given part of soul to his descendants, God joined this soul to them. Born after this act, descendants of Gods became Gods and any their desire was met by Highest God, - their Father. In this way, they became as if sole flesh with their Creator.


Let us address to facts. The following is described in the one ancient indian text: «Brahmans can transform the non – Gods to Gods. Being angry, they capable to create other worlds and other rulers of the worlds … Learned or unlearned brahman – is always great divine being». (Mahabharata (S.R.) XIII.141.16 – 21). «Brahmans, born to keep the tresure of dharma, holds highest place on the earth as rulers of creatures. All, what exists in the world – are ability of brahman … Because people live due to his kindness… Only he possesses the right for all this earth» (Manu 1.99-105).


The mesopotanian «tsar's list» begins from the moment, when «tsar's power descended from the heaven to earth» i.e. from times, when the first tsars of Mesopotamia were created from rib of Adam. These tsars along with god were provided by extranatural oreol, which was considered the visible appearance of their unique status among people. The divine being was considered in Mesopotamia as ugly, dangerous creature, possessing non-earth feature of divinty and inherent in some degree of intensity to any object, considered divine and holy, and consequently also to tsar.According to the opinion of ancient inhabitant of Evfrat, prosperity of man depends on guardians of his spirit. If human reachs the success it does mean that he has «ilu»(or «lamassu»), which helps him(12). Mesopotamian word «ilu», similar to jewish «El» means god, becouse El is world of spirits, which situated in the body of Adam. And word «lamassu»-«Alem isse» does mean the spirit of heaven world. The word «alem» means «that world» in the East, beginning from ancient times. Thus, we specified; after the moment, when god gaved to his descendants part of his spirit, they also became gods. This spirit became inalienable substance of people of this origin, i.e. the spirit of god composed with souls of his descendants the whole substance.


 25. And Adam and his wife both were naked, but were not ashamed.


When all these were created, Adam and his people still didin't sin and were innocent, as new born child. This epoch is kept in the memory of mankind as «golden century». Because Israel does not sin before god, he fulfils all desires of Israel. God having made them immortal, gives them living place in the heavens. But on the earth they were tsars of all peoples of the world. Because Shimon said: «All sons of Israel are descendants of tsars». It is not incidental, that there was Tanay, which consider the selection of Israel as space act (13). The following interpretation is given by R.Elazaru kha-Madae: «Why you are crying for me?»- i.e. if I need your directions about my sons?»-they made by me from sixth day of creation of the world, where the following is described: «God said: if these charters stop their act before me, the Israel tribe will also finished to be the people before me forever»(14)


 Adam and Eva violates the prohibition. The trial of god.

 III. 1. Snake was most sly among all field animals, created by god. and snake said to wife: Did god really said: «don't eat the fruit of any tree in paradise?»


The snake was considered as sign of wisdon at the ancient time. Because the spirit of snake possessed the feature to foresee the future, to see invisible spirits and so on. By this reason, god creating heaven world, used the spirit of snake, in order that this world will be similar to snake, as to sign of wisdom. God Ra declared in ancient Egyptian « Book of cognition of creations of Ra: « There was not land and snake at this place. I created them there from Noon, from non-existanee» (1). From another side, god Gor also is named as Gor (Khor)-snake in the ancient texts. Birger Pirson noted, that identification of snake wich Christ was used by varions Christian Gnostic (2).


Thus, god provided his people by divine mind, and as a result, his people on the earth transformed to Tsars. Feeling himself as extra-clever, they desided, that no prohibitions could be existed for them.


 2. And wife said to snake: we can eat the fruits of the trees.


 3. God said: But don't eat and don't touch the fruits of the tree, which in the centre of paradise, so that not to be died.


The descendants of god understand, that god practically didn't limit their life with prohibitions. The prohibition covered only those actions, which could dectroy the space creature, created by god.


 4. And snake said to wife: no, you will not die.


 5. But god knows, that on the day, when you taste them, your eyes will open and you will know, as Gods, the kindness and evil.


They doubted, that violating prohibitions, it is possible to destroy the world. But violating the laws of god, they can create their own laws and prohibitions and live in this natural world as actual gods, having non- limited power.


 6. And wife saw that the tree is proper for food, and it is pleasant for eye and desirable, because it gives the knowledge; and she took these fruits and ate them and gave them to her husband and he also ate them.


The descendants of god forgot the truth about divine deeds by the time passing, because god and world, which was promised them by him were invisible. They believe that violating the laws of god it is possible to get complete physical pleasure in this world: to eat everything which is desired, to look at every prohibited scene, to get any possible pleasure. Seriously violating the charters and prohibitions of god, they only formally kept various rituals and acted the sacrifices. And god accepted gifts of his descendants and helped them.


 7. And eyes of them is opened and they understand that they are naked and they sewed the fig-trees leaves and made cover for themselves.


By the time passing they understood that they had sinned. And sinning, they continue to hold holidays, to make sacrifices, to appeal to god by prayers and so on. Thus ,violating all laws and prohibitions of god, they covered these sins by prayers, sacrifices and so on, suggested that god will forgive them.


 8. And they heard the voice of god, going in paradise during cool time of the day; and Adam and his wife hided among trees of paradise from the face of god.


And people heard the voice of god in the later days from the mouth of the Messiah at the gate of underworld (Kadusia). Because in the eve of the trial day the truth about god and about his people was completely forgotten. People didn't know, that they are descendants of god, and once the paradise's tree was inplanted at their land.


 9. And god appeals to Adam and say to him: where are you?


 10. He answers: I heard your voice in paradise and I feared, because I am naked, and I hid.


 On the last day the peoples of the Earth already lost Adam and didn't know, who is he, where is he and how is his appearance. And Adam answered to the voice of Messiah and all understood that Adam is god, which for sake of keeping of his peoples life violated his own word, gross over his own laws.


It should be noted, that according to the opinion of scientists the christogical conception is clearly seen in the New Testament, according which Christ is «Second Adam»(3).


 11. And god said: Who told you, that you naked? Did you eat the fruit of the tree, which I prohibited for you?


And god thought: « Why I sinned, allowing it? After all I know, that it can destroy world, which created by me. I should penalise my people severely and pitiless for violation of the prohibition.»


It should be noted, that this scene of men sin, the depiction of calamitous situation in the country, common desire to restore the divine power and so on are described in the prophetous text of ancient Egyptian sage Ipuver and in other origins of the ancient Egypt (4). The following is said in the text of Ipuver, under the title: "The expression of sorrow about admission of initial sin of people by god « : «Oh, if He corrected their essence in their first generation. Yes, he would destroyed all these, who opposed him. He would destroyed his semen, posterity and so on " (5).


 12. Adam said: the wife given me by youself gave me fruit of the three and I ate it.


God didn't punish them for first sin, love and pitiness to his people stopped his punishing hand.


 13. And god said to wife: what did you do? Wife said: the snake seduced me and I ate it.


God ask for his people: «why you sinned? People answered: «the mind given me by youself inspired me to do it, because I thought I am most clever creature and I know all».


 14. And god said to snake: because your fault, you are damned before all animals and before all field creatures ; you will move on your belly, and will eat the dust during all days of your life;


God said: "Because my people did sin, I damned the heaven world, which contains of souls of snakes and other animals. I close all way of using of divine forces. Oh, you, divine energy! You will kept in the belly (heaven world) and I don't let him to use you. And you will exist without effects.


 15. And I shall put the enmity between you and wife, between your semen and her semen; she will hit your head, and you shall sting her heel.


As it is known, the snake is sign of divine wisdom, energy, which was gifted by God to his people. Due to link of descendants of Adam with divine energy, they possessed such abilities, as soothsaying, forcasting and so on. Because the sins of his people God prohibited the using of this energy. Non-acknowledgment of divine spirit remove the people of God from the peaks of universe to the deeper abyss.


 16. God told wife: I would multiply your sorrow in your pregnancy; being ill you will bear child; and you bent to your husband, and he will dominate over you.


The theme of betrayal of the God by people is met in many books. In the of prophet Jeremiah the holy spirit speak via him: "If husband lets his wife to go and she goes and take another man, if she can return to him then! If not defiled by defilement this woman! And you was lechering with many pastors and appealed to me! - God said: "Raise your eyes to the right [deal] and look, where you lechered. Didn't you sit at the ways, defiling the land by your lecher and vices, and didn't you receive many pastors for stumbling? You was shameless with everyone, and you don't call me as master of the home or as father, or as source of your virginity" (6). Also following is transferred via prophet Osiya: "Let go and be at law with your mother, because she will not my wife and I shall not her husband. I shall remove her lecher from my face and shall remove adultery from her breast; I shall leave her naked, as on the her birthday and I shall make her deserted, as [waterless] land, and make her [by thirst] childless. I shall not take pity on her children, because they are children of lecher, because they mother lechered and [defamed her children] because she said: "I shall lecher with those, who love me, gave me my bread and my water, and my dress, and my wine, and my unction, and all needed for me" (7). The prophet Isaiah wrote: "How the right capital, filled by justice, became the lecher. The truth inhabited in it, but now killers inhabited in it" (1:21). And prophet Iezekeel (16:25) identify Israel to lecher: "At the beginning of any way, made the eminence for herself, defamed her beauty and cast her legs for each passer-by and multiplied your lechers".


Thus we had seen, that God punished his people, multiplying his sorrow. Notwithstanding to the betrayal of the God by his people, he all the same will dominate over them as God.


 17. He told Adam: Because you agreed with your wife and ate The fruit of the tree, about which I ordered you "don't eat the fruit of this tree", the land is damned for you; during all days of your life you will feed from it with sorrow.


God told himself: "Because I heard the voice of my people, felt sorry for it, received it gift and didn't allow it to be exterminated, I violated my laws and sinned, doing it. I damn this land; my life will pass by sorrow, because I shall be lone".


 18. She will grow thorns and wolf-holes for you; and you will feed by field grass.


I know, that unworthy descendants of me will appear, and I shall feed by provision, reached by my work. The expression "my work" does mean the whole system of providing of space's body - Adam.


Platon wrote about this: "The space's body were cleverly made that to receive food from its own decay, accomplishing all its actions and conditions in itself and via itself. Because builder of it decided, that to be self - sufficing much more better, than to need something". (Timey" 33D).


 19. With sweated face you will eat bread, till you will return to earth, from which you are taken, because you are dust and will transform to dust.


Being shamed for my people, I shall live, till I shall return to Earth as messiah. Because I born as holy spirit and I shall return to Earth as spirit.


We should mention, that Adam was create from the land of place, where Noah went out from ark and organized the altar. We can surely state, that the finish of Noah's sailing, which accepted the immortality in the light ocean is appearance of the messiah.


 Adam and Eva have banished from Eden Garden.


 20. And Adam named his wife: Eva, because she became mother of all human beings.


At the beginning of the book we said, that according to research of linguists the main meaning of the word of ancient egyptian language is contained in the consonants, and vowels are only linkers. The consonant "B" and also "Б" mean ancestor in the ancient egyptian language. According to the same linguistical rules, "the people of Adam" should be named as El-Eva. This term is known to us from history: this is Libia. It is stressed in the ancient egyptian sources, that the main temple of God Amon (Aman) was situated in the libian oasis Siva. Midians (egyptian madjays) are considered libian tribes in the ancient egyptian texts (1).


It is described in the Biblia, that Jackob loved the daughter of Lavan, Rahila. It does mean, that descendants of God Jakhve on the earth are albanians (Lavan), correctly, the origin of Hilar (Rahil). The consonant "H" in the ancient egyptian language does mean the female initial energy, and because existing in the word, it doesn't influence to the meaning of the word. On the basis of this rule, it is possible to state, that names: Libia, Livan, Alban and Van also are coded names of Adam's descendents.


This, we can draw the conclusion, that all ever living creatures: gods, tsars, and other holies, originated from Eva - wife (people) of Adam.


 21. And God make the clothes from leather for Adam and his wife and dresses them.


As we already specified, after the violation of prohibition by Adam and his wife, during messiah the trial took place on all peoples of the world. Sometimes this trial day is named as second inundation.


The inundation and future destiny of the world, which Adam received from God and transferred to his son Sif, was described in the ancient text, found the region Nag Hammadi; named as "The Apocalypse of Adam" (2). From another side, Christ in the teachings of gnostics is not godman, but abstract space's force, one of eons, which provisionally incarnated in man - Jesus (3). If does mean, that Christ is Sif and Noah, as they went out from ark, and who were given the power of Adam by God after trial. And being dressed the leather clothes, i.e. received the force of God, Christ transformed to Sun. And part of the people, stayed live after trial day, will be granted by divine spirit.


 22. And God said: Now Adam become as one of us, knows now the kindness and evil; and he now doesn't stretchs his hands, and doesn't take the fruit of life's tree, and doesn't taste it, he doesn't live forever.


After the moment, when God made for "second Adam" - Christ (Greek Apollo) clothes from leather and dressed him, Christ accept the power of God.


 23. And God banished him from Eden garden, in order to cultivate the earth, from which he is taken.


Having granted of Christ by divine wisdom and taught him, God take for himself this "teacher of the justice", in order to transform him to the space creature, at the same place, as it were at the ancient times. We should note that he is same Christ, which arise from the dead.


 24. And God banished Adam and installed in the East side of Eden garden the cherub and flaming sword in order to guard the way to the life tree.


After the death of Jesus - second Adam, he transformed to the space forces and began to live as God in the "hub of the universe". And he holds to his arms the "The Davidian sword", by which he punished only infringers of the God's law.


 Glory to God


"Glorification to Amon - Ra, head of all Gods, Bull of iliopolskian, kind, beloved and providing life. Glory to You Amon - Ra, ruler of the thrones of both earthes, Head of Fiv, Bull of his mother, Head of his region, Head of eastern country, master of libyans, tsar of Punt, elder of the Heaven, chief of the Earth, ruler of all existed matter, founded all things. The sole on his essence among Gods, the beautiful bull of Enneada, the ruler of the truth, father of Gods, creator of the men, creator of animals, creator of fruitful plants… . Which is esteemed by Gods, creator of mountains and vales, illuminator of the Earth while going in the sky on the world… . Gods love his fragrance, when he stalking along from Punt, Tsar of rose, and descending to Libya, fine in the stalking from divine earth. Gods handing round his feet, because they acknowledge in his majesty their own ruler. Glory to You, Ra, ruler of the truth, concealed in his own sanctuary! You uttered the words, and god began to exist. You are Atum, created all men, gaved life to them, divided them on colour of the skin, hearing on poor man, which is restrained, possessing the delightful heart for everyone, who appealed to him, saving the timid man from arrogant one, thinking between poor and richmen. The Nil is flowing for its lover, ruler of sweet, with great love… . His name is Amon. Your love in the south sky, your sweet in the north sky, your beauty is charming hearts, your love forces to lower hands (i.e. to put aside the arm)… . The sole image, having created all existed things, sole, lone creator of existed creatures, from the eyes of which the people went out, by the word of which Gods were appeared…giving grass to feed the cattle and fruitful tree for human life, giving life for river's fishes and sky's birds, giving breeth to all, situating to all, situating to egg, feeding reptiles… mouses in their burrow, birds on the all trees. When all are sleeping, You don't sleep, thinking about any useful for your animals., Extolling to You from all countries up to heaven's hight, earth's width, ocean's depth. Gods are bending down before Your majesty, extolling the will of Creator of them, rejoicing when the creator of them is coming near. They exclaim for You:


 - Greetings to You, father of fathers of all Gods, hanging the sky and supporting the Earth! Greetings to You, creator of all, ruler of the truth, sole, which hasn't any similar to himself… . Living by truth… single tsar among all gods, possessing the numerous names, the number of which is unknown! (1).


"Ogdoada" - are your initial apearances, till your didn't feel it being single. Your body is incomprehensible, among greats. You are concealed, as Amon in the head of Gods. You accept the image of Ta-tanen, in order to bear the initial gods at the beginning of the century. You estoll your beauty, as calf of it own mother. You remove yourself as inhabitant of the sky, confirmed as Ra. You are stalking as father, creating children, creating descendants, concealed for his children. You was first on existance, when there were nothing. There was not earth, devoided you at the beginning of the century. All gods were appeared after you.


Enneada is connected in your parts. Your parts -all gods, connected to your baby. Your entry is first, your beginning - is time immemorial, Amon concealed your name before gods. Aged, more decrepit than they, Tatanen, created himself in the form of Pha. The fingers of his parts - Ogdoada. Rising as Ra from chaos Noon, He repeats his youth. His emanation are Shu and Tefnut, combined in his spirit. He is luminating in his throne, according to his desire. He is reigning over all existed creatures, due to his power. He is accepting the reign eternal up to the end of century, unshakable and sole ruler. All his images appeared at the beginning of the century. All existing creatures grow torpid on his force. He rejected the words among silence. He opened the eyes of all men and allowed them to see; He firstly shouted when earth would be silent. His shout overrun (her). There is no similar to Him. He created all, He gave life to all creatures; He allow for everyone to know way, on which one should go. The hearts of them are live, when they see Him.


Being first, Amon existed from beginning, and nobody knows the time of his appearence. Before him there was no god, there was no another god together with him, in order to speak about his initial image. He hasn't mother, which would give him name and there is not father, which originated him and said: "He is mine". He himself formed his egg. He is sacramental on origin, created his beauty. He is given god, created by himself. All gods are appeared [only] after the moment when he appeared.


 Sacramental by images, shining with appearances, god is wonderful and has the multilateral images. All gods are praised due to him, in order to be honoured by his beauty and accordingly by his divinity. Ra connected with his body. He is elder, inhabiting in Iliapol.


He is called as Ta-manen Amon, originated from Noon, leader of people; his another appearence - Ogdoada. Having born the initial gods, created Ra, He as Atum completed himself, being in one body with him. He is holder of all, the beginnings of creatures. He is soul; He is told: "existed in the sky". He is in the underworld, against East. The soul of Him is in the sky, his body is in western house, the sculpture of him is in Ermopol, extolling his appearence. Amon is single, concealed himself from them, hiding himself from gods; his outlook is unknown. He is removed from the sky, he is stranger for underworld. No one of gods known his real outlook; his image is not described by writing… . He is concealed, so that His force would be reached. He is great, so that to be preached, He is powerful, so that to be perceived.


There only three gods: Amon, Ra, Pta. There is nothing near them. The concealed by name-Amon; He is also Ra - by face, but His body - Pta. Their cities are affirmed on the earth forever; this is Fiva, Iliopol, Memfis, existed forever. The order from heavens are heard in Iliopol, repeated in Memfis for creature having beautiful face and sent in the document Tota to city of Amon. In Fiva the case is should be developed.


Sia is his heart, Heu - his mouth. Ka - his all existed essence, situated in his mouth. When He entered the caves of Kerti are situated under his feet, Nil originated from hollows, which are under his sandals. His soul - Shoo, His heart - Tefnut. He is Harmakhis, outgoing to the heaven. His right eye - day, left eye - night. He is leader of people on any way. His flesh - Noon, she situated in the Nil, bearing all and livening all existed things. He flows the breeth to the all noses of Shait and Penent is near of Him for all people… His semen - the tree of life, his emanation - bread's cereals…. Great God, born initial gods" (2).






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